Our Year in Review

Although we have only been blogging for 6 months, we are over the moon at the reception, and for that we thank you all! During our time blogging we got to work with some amazing companies such as Tantus Inc, HelloVibes, Bad Dragon, Good Vibrations, Sliquid, Lelo, Ignite Sex Toys, and we hope to work with many more in the future. Last year also gave us our first ever sponsored giveaway thanks to the folks over at Tantus Inc. It was really exciting to be able to give something we loved to our wonderful readers, especially during the holiday season.

Call us lucky but we did not come across a single toy we absolutely hated, and actually found some new favorites. The We-Vibe Tango joined our Magic Wand. The Tantus General pushed boundaries in the size department, leading the charge on some amazing orgasms. We got to work with Bad Dragon and design a custom dildo from color, firmness, and the addition of one the best suction cups in the industry. We also learned a lot about what our readers wish to see, with the results below. Some were more specific such as the We-vibe 4 where as others recommended brands such as Njoy or even categories such as the case for more Strap on and harness reviews. We truly appreciate the feedback.


Top 10 Requested Reviews


  1. Strap Ons/Harnesses/Strapless Strap Ons
  2. Njoy toys
  3. Male toys (Fleshlights, Tenga, Nexus)
  4. “Couple Toys” (Lelo Tiana,Wevibe 4)
  5. Bondage/BDSM
  6. Wand Style Vibrators (Doxy,SmartWand,)
  7. Fantasy Dildos
  8. Anal Plugs
  9. Glass toys
  10. Lubricants


Moving forward we hope to answer the call and provide what the people hope to see, along with our wish list for the upcoming reviews. There are a few toys and brands that we hope we get to try out this year. Harper would love to try some of the other wands out there, as her Original Magic Wand is currently her all-time favorite when it comes to getting the job done. If it was up to her we would have more wands than Olivander himself (that’s a Harry Potter joke). Wands such as the Lelo Smartwand large, Vibratex’s Rechargeable Magic wand and the Doxy Massage Wand top the wish list when it comes to wands. But there is another non-wand toy out there that has caught Harper’s eye and that is the ever so unique Womanizer, a well-reviewed toy with a terrible name.

As for me this year brought on some new experiences such as my first male centered review of a Fleshlight. I wasn’t really sure what to expect going in but both the Flight and the Quickshot were amazing additions to our toy collection. This makes me even more eager to explore more toys designed for penile stimulation. That doesn’t mean I am any less excited to explore more insertables, from smaller warm up toys, plugs, prostate stimulators, to larger toys that push the boundaries further. We can’t wait to review, describe, and share them with you all.

Lastly, there is a segment of the toy market we have yet to try and that would be “Couples toys”, although we are not a fan of that term. We believe all toys can be couples toys. But the original term includes toys such as the We-Vibe 4 or Lelo Tiani, an external/eternal toy that works seamlessly during sex.

In saying so we would also like to branch out with more non-review articles. We would discuss topics such as long distance relationships, talking toys with your partner, guide to pegging and strap on play, our initial experiences in the world of BDSM, and many others. This not only will help to guide and inform beyond your purchases, but we wish it would also start interesting conversations so we can learn more as well.

All in all we are excited. Excited of what we have accomplished, and the plans for the future. We would like to thank all of the wonderful readers and fellow bloggers who have helped us along the way, and the phenomenal companies who support us on our journey. If there is anything from reviews to topics you guys wish to see in the future feel free to leave it in the comments below!


Thanks everybody and best wishes


-Liam & Harper @TheToyfulReview



  1. So excited to see your new reviews, coming up, and can’t wait to sit down and review some more of your old review before I make the big investments

      1. No worries! That toy is the Coral Reef by Tail and Portholes, you can view her Etsy shop here. She makes nautical themed dildos, some of which are duel density! I wouldn’t say the Coral Reef is one of my favorites but she does make quality toys, I believe the Nereid is one of her most popular and the Jellyfish is her newest; and quite interesting as well!

  2. You’ve done a great job building your blog in such a relatively short time! Hard work and following your passion paying off. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you post in the future.

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