Ambiance Massage Candle: Review

Not too long ago we had the opportunity to review a pair of items from the wonderful people over at With a toy box full of Dildos and Vibrators we chose to review something a little difference. This brings us to the Ambiance Massage Candle, in the wonderful scent of Juniper Lime. A sensual candle that adds some heat to a lustful massage.

Ambiance Massage CandleThe Details

The Ambience massage oil candle is an amazingly sensual product. The product comes in an 11 ounce jar, which equates to an estimated 40 hours of burn time. These candles are comprised of a soy wax, Shea butter, and the fragrance used to scent the candle. When ours arrived we did not specify the scent we preferred because to be honest it is tough to gauge candle scent through the screen of our laptop, but we were greeted with the wonderful scent of Juniper Lime. Sort of mix of the wintery Christmas trees, and nice does of citrus, overall a wonderfully clean scent that easily fills the room.


In use I would like to say to read the instructions fully before attempting to play with fire and hot wax. Other than that using the massage candle is about as straight forward as one would imagine. We laid down a towel, lit up the candle and waited for a nice layer of wax to melt before beginning the massage. Unlike my instructions above we did not read the instructions printed on the side of the candle, which state to blow out the flame prior to using it on your partner. This led to slightly hotter wax than what we would say is comfortable, but does not hurt per se. But once we got our system down and began using the candle we really came to love it. The consistency once melted is slightly thicker than the coconut oil we are used to using, but rubs into the skin just as well. The scent once lit and poured really stimulates the senses and makes for an overall more sensual experience in our opinions than using standard oils.



The Ambiance Massage candle is a soy wax and Shea butter blend. The major difference between this candle and your run of the mill scented candle is the lower melting point of the wax, an important factor in prevent dangerous burns. In our multiple uses we have found It not only wonderfully scented but the moisturizing effects of melted wax to an added bonus.


The Ambiance candle can be purchased at Goodvibes.


This product was given to us by the wonderful people over at in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.



  1. Would you say the candle has burned evenly after a lot of uses? I had one with just 1 wick in the middle and there ended up being a ton of wax around the outside that never melted 😛

    1. We did have that same problem. But could be attributed to not letting it melt the full surface in first use. This is common with candles and is called tunneling. I did find a neat trick to help with it once it happens though. Make a little tinfoil dome over the candle. It will hold the heat in and help melt the entirety of the surface once you do that it should burn normal after that.

  2. Thanks for the review! It’s nice to see the auxiliaries being looked at – I don’t see a whole lot of massage candle reviews. Do these come in any smaller sizes? The price point is a bit hard to swallow for a first-time candle buyer! And do you fine folks have any comparisons between this and other massage candles? Lovehoney’s got quite a few that I’m thinking of trying, and they’ve got smaller sizes that are easier on the wallet, but I don’t know about their quality…

    1. There are many of options out there and I think at the core they are all nearly the same. I would find a scent you think you would like at a price you can afford and give it a whirl. No point in spending a lot up front for something you are unsure you would enjoy.

  3. Love that you guys review more than just typical dildos, shows real variety in the feild of sex toys and it’s refreshing.

  4. I didn’t realize you were supposed to extinguish it before pouring, thanks for teaching me something!

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