Bad Dragon Clayton the Earth Dragon: Review

Bad Dragon was founded in 2008 with the mission to bring quality fantasy toys to the market. Where Bad dragon thrives is in the areas of customization, with the customer being able to choose from any model, any color, and even the firmness. This level of customization is unmatched in the world of sex toys as they continue to add even more customization features such as glow-in-the-dark models. With over 45 insertables (dildos), in a range of 5 different sizes, along with penetrables (sleeves), were-ables , and packers, there is truly a toy for everyone from a beginner or a veteran.

The Ordering Process

The ordering process was a daunting one for us. Not due to any complications, but the shear amount of options available, akin to going to the ice cream parlor and seeing the never ending flavors behind the glass. After scrolling through each page, looking at the pictures and the sizes of the offerings we narrowed it down to a handful and from there we chose the one, Clayton the Earth Dragon. We chose the Clayton as sort of an entry into the world of fantasy toys, while it was nothing too extreme. The sizes offered were a perfect fit for what we were searching for.

Bad dragon Size Chart

Standard Bad Dragon Size Chart

The choices did not stop there though, we have picked our toy and now for the colors, the firmness, and the extras. Bad dragon offers the Clayton and many of its other toys in five sizes ranging from mini to extra-large. These are not set sizes and vary from toy to toy, so always check the specification of each model. We chose small which measures 1.8” in diameter through the shaft, slightly larger than our go to toys.

Next up was firmness, the Clayton is currently offered in five levels of firmness. Soft, Medium, Firm, Medium shaft with a Firm base, or Soft shaft with a firm base. The silicone used by Bad Dragon is very soft with the firm level being softer than any other toy we currently own. We opted for split firmness with a medium shaft and a firm base as we thought it would work best for our use.

We chose to add a suction cup to the base of our toy. This is more of a concavity on the bottom rather than a standard suction cup shape found on most toys. It works incredibly well and is the strongest suction we have felt in a toy so far.

Bad dragon offers one more additional add on, a cum tube. A silicone tube casted down the center of the toy, when paired with a syringe allows you inject lube through the toy simulating an orgasm. We chose not to include this option in our custom order.

Last but certainly not least is the color options, and there is an infinite amount of customization to be had here. With approximately 20 standard colors to choose from, as well as color schemes unique to each toy itself, the provided options are already more in depth than any toy manufacturer out there. But when it comes to customizing beyond that – your imagination is the only limiting factor. Using a Hex color chart you can pick any custom color, multiple colors marbled or split. If the option isn’t there you can always feel free to send in a customer request via their ticket system and they will let you know if your idea can be accomplished. We chose to go with one of the featured color schemes “Magma Drake” which looked similar to lava coming out of a pile of molten rocks. We did want it slightly different though. Sending in a ticket we simply stated we wanted the Magma Drake but more neon and glow-in-the-dark. When making custom orders Bad Dragon states

“Because all our toys are handmade, the colors you see on screen should be considered approximations, as the actual toy color may vary. Please remember that due to the nature of colored pigments, colors will not be as strong and vibrant as displayed in the color samples on screen. Please bear this in mind when ordering.”

So in the end our final order is as followed:

Clayton the Earth Dragon, Small, Firm Base/Medium Shaft, Suction Cup Base, Custom GITD Magma Drake color scheme.

The Details

Finally the day has arrived, nearly 22 days from placing our order our Bad Dragon toy had arrived at our door step. Packaging was discrete and the item was packed well from the dangers of the delivery process. Inside the box was our Clayton the Earth Dragon in the wonderful magma drake color scheme, sealed in a plastic pouch, along with a nice card detailing the care instructions for Bad Dragon’s silicone toys.


Upon unwrapping I was shocked at how soft the silicone was, very squishy. The colors were absolutely amazing and much beyond our expectations. The base is very dark brown/black looking like fragmented rocks with red highlights bringing them to a molten state. Arising from the molten rock is a perfect blend of yellow and orange, mimicking the natural look of lava.

As we had ordered a glow-in-the-dark version of the Clayton, I was very eager to see it in action. We put it under an LED spotlight bulb for a minute using the suction cup base to charge up the glow. The suction cup has a very strong grip capable of holding firmly, even to our textured walls. We removed the toy from the wall and turned off the lights, or so we thought. Turning off the lights in the room, only seemed to turn the light on in the toy creating a glow so bright you could almost read a book underneath it. Needless to say we were ecstatic.

All measurements made by the Bad Dragon website were spot on accurate, and the toy was far beyond our expectations in quality.


Clayton the Earth Dragon had been nothing but beauty to the eyes, and we were excited to put it into use. The tapered head eases insertion, making it a great toy to use without warming up. Despite the softness of the silicone, the ridges and bumps along the shaft can still be felt. As you progress down the shaft you reach the full 1.8″ in diameter, which is a lot easier to handle compared to other toys the same size such as Maia D3.  The gentle taper is complimented but an ever so slightly curved shaft which makes this toy perfect for thrusting. The suction cup is wonderful for mounting during solo play and for sticking firmly to where ever and what ever you wish to stick it to.  A feature we did not think would be so exciting is the glow in dark color. It glows so bright that in dark it really helps you see what is happening, and nothing is cooler than watching it disappear and reappear in a pitch black room. Oh, just one thing is cooler than that – swinging it around making light saber noises.

Pair all of these factors together we now have a fun, beautiful toy that we can both enjoy. Harper is by no means a size queen and has no issue using the Clayton. It so far has been a perfect middle ground between our size preferences and is an overall versatile toy we are happy to have.

I would have to say if we had the chance to order again I would have went larger. The firmness level of the silicone certainly downplays the size of the toy making it feel much smaller in use than it does when your holding it in your hand. That is of no fault to the toy itself though, as playing it on the safe side of sizes seemed a better route than getting a toy that does not fit at all. Overall we are over the moon with our first Bad Dragon toy, and hope to add more in the future.

IMG_1680 IMG_1679

Cleaning and Care Instructions

Bad Dragon uses 100% silicone that is some of the most wonderful in the industry. In Accordance to the card sent with the toy, Bad Dragon recommends the following:

  • Clean toy with either toy cleaner or simply soap and water.
  • Avoid using with silicone lubricants as this can damage the toy.
  • Store your toy away from other toys.

For more information on materials and cleaning instructions check out the materials guide Here.




  1. Wonderful review! I have always admired bad dragon’s knack for detail, but just haven’t gotten around to getting one. Your photos really show off the detail and thank-you for pointing out the softness factor, this really will help out when I chose to pick one up. One question I have is have you tried the suction cup on different surrfaces and if so how did it perform?

    1. We’ve stuck it to about everything from glass, tile, textured dry wall, and it holds on them all. Best performing suction cup on a toy we’ve seen.

  2. We have been watching bad dragon for a while now. Your review gave us some great info on the product.

    Hope to see more soon!

    1. We watched it long before we took the plunge as well. I am glad our review has been helpful for you, we to hope to review more Bad Dragon in the future!

  3. I love these things, but it’s always hard to decide whether I’d want one without hearing from someone else first.

  4. good review. This toy is beautiful, and i love all the texture! I am waiting on my bad dragon to come, and its going to be a surprise, because i get what you mean about the ordering process being daunting. Shoot I couldn’t even decide on a model…or colors. Only the size! I gave a list of the ones i liked and the sizes. A list of colors I love. An example of my favorite toys so they had an idea of the amount of firmness that would fit me , and I just let them have at it! So I am excited to see what they end up making for me, the guy I spoke with knew exactly what he wanted to do and what would be perfect…so I am sure it will be wonderful, i love trusting an artists opinion/judgement …much better results then trusting my own!

    1. The level of customization is amazing. I think a guided surprise would be a lot fun, but I can be a bit daunting in research and control. Usually takes me a bit over a week to narrow it down.

  5. It’s super cool that you enjoyed the toy, but would you say that it’s worth the cost? One of the things that’s held me back from using Bad Dragon is the fact that their toys tend to be very expensive.

    1. It really depends. It is a very high quality toy and the level of customization is amazing, it is nearly a piece of art. If it is something that interests you it is certainly fun to design the toy from the ground up, choosing the firmness, colors, and the other options they offer.

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