Uberrime Helios Sun God: Review


The Helios is handmade by a single person, with love, care, and craftsmanship. Out of the many handmade toys reviewed in the past Uberrime toys carries a degree quality that surpasses alot of the larger scale companies.

The Helios is full of girth and texture, so if you are fan of those you will be a fan this. The 7” shaft starts with a sizeable 1.95” diameter head, this toy can be a challenge right from the start. But once the head pops in you are greeted with a more manageable 1.7” shaft is full of texture spiraling all the way to the base.


Our Helios dildo is a sight to be admired. Neon red, yellow, orange, and pink spiral down the shaft in a fiery blaze. It looks like as if a neon volcano has exploded in all the best ways.

There is something to be said about toys with a prominent head. On one end I find them a challenge and chore to insert. They usually require a little more preparation and warm up to get started and can be a tad aggressive. These do ring true for Helios Sun God, but once inserted you are greeted with some of the best texture I’ve experienced on a dildo.

The spiral teases on its way in and echoes through each thrust, almost mimicking rotating the dildo. It is a unique experience that I have not experience with other toys, certainly not one that looks this gorgeous.
After all is said done, I do believe we prefer our Night King dildo to the Helios. The additional length, slightly smaller girth makes the toy easier to use, especially in a harness. But when we are craving something with a little more girth, we will certainly be reaching for the Helios from here on out!

If you are interested in purchasing the Helios Sun God or any other toys from Uberrime, check them out at the following stores.

Cleaning Instructions

The 100% Ultra Premium Silicone used is nothing but quality. As with any silicone toy the options are plentiful when it comes to cleaning. We like to follow the guideline set out by Tantus:

For a quick clean, use antibacterial soap with warm to hot water, or use a toy cleaner (one without Triclosan!).

For a more extensive clean, you can boil your toy for 2 minutes, with enough water to cover. You can also spray or rinse your product in a 10% bleach solution. Do NOT boil bleach.

To clean toys with grooves, crevices, and texture, you may put your product in the dishwasher on a regular cycle on the bottom rack.
Let air dry, or clean with a lint free cloth.

For more information on materials and cleaning instructions check out the materials guide here.


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