We-Vibe Tango: Review

Touted as the most powerful bullet by many reviewers, the Tango does not disappoint. Made of ABS plastic, completely waterproof, and USB rechargeable, the Tango is truly the bullet vibe of the future. After reading countless reviews and seeing it recommended from nearly every respected source we just had to have one. Our We-vibe tango was kindly given to us by IgniteSexToys in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

The Details

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The We-Vibe Tango is a powerful vibrator, offering deep rumbling vibrations – not the annoyingly buzzy vibrations that plague many underpowered bullets. It’s such a stark contrast from any of the bullets that we have purchased or have been included with other toys, that it has redefined what a bullet is capable of achieving in terms of power, ease of use, and overall quality. Measuring in at 3.54” in length from the lipstick shaped tip to the contacts of the charging contacts and .68” in diameter throughout, the Tango fits in all places a bullet was meant to be inserted. We have used it in the Tantus Purr and the Sportsheets Strap on Harness. The Tango features 8 distinct vibration modes as shown in the graphic below, which are cycled through by a single button at the base. This is also where you will find the contacts to which the magnetic charging adapter connects to. Negating the use of an open port allows the We-Vibe Tango to be 100% waterproof, perfect for use in the pool, bath or shower. The base will blink an orange light to signal low battery.


We have had the Tango for about a month now, in this time I think we have put it through its paces. First off although it is a bullet vibrator to be reckoned with, it is still a bullet vibrator. It comes with many of the quirks of one. The vibrations although powerful and very rumbly are also very pinpoint. Coming from exclusively using wand type vibrators, it does not quite surpass those in terms of effectiveness for us. But for a bullet it accomplishes many of the things the wand cannot. It is small, waterproof, and quiet; all features that our Magic Wand is not. The multiple speed and pattern options can be quite a hassle to navigate through as the Tango uses only one button to cycle through the options and turn the power on and off. When off the Tango remembers the setting in which you left off from and resumes the cycle from there, leaving you wondering if you are at a level 2, or maybe 3 before getting sent through all of the different pattern options again. We have not been fans of most pattern options, (versus generic speed controls).

Tango Vibration modes

Vibration modes offered by the Tango

Besides those short comings there are many great things to be said about the We-Vibe Tango. Being the most powerful bullet vibrator out there it has the ability to transform some of our other toys into very effective vibrators. When we reviewed the Purr by Tantus, one of our major gripes was that the vibrations did not add much to the experience. That was until I switched the included bullet vibe with the Tango. This added a whole new dimension to an old favorite and made it into an entirely new experience for Harper and I. Unfortunately that is the only toy besides the harness at the moment that has the capability to add a bullet, but we are sure there will be more in the future.


Tangos-pnk-blu-lincoln-logs-1200-wmThe We-vibe Tango is made of ABS plastic, which is non-porous, and body safe (BPA and Phthalate free). One of the major benefits to this is there is no dampening of vibrations as they travel amazingly well through the ABS. The push button on the bottom is made of silicone with two charging contacts that attach to the charger magnetically, making it 100% waterproof.



We had a wonderful experience shopping through Ignitesextoys.com, as they offer many of the most popular and trusted brands in the industry. Shipping was quick and discrete, and the Tango was packaged wonderfully to ward off damage during the shipping process. They are currently offering a 15% discount for filling out an online survey, and offer free shipping for any purchases over $49, if you fail to meet that benchmark shipping is only $8. I would not hesitate to purchase through them again. If you would like to check out there offerings feel free to head over to IgniteSexToys.



  1. I can’t tell you how dumb I feel, I’ve owned the tango for almost a year and reading this review, it finaly clicked. It can remember what setting you left off at. I thought my tango must have been buggy for months when I turned it on and it occasionally started on the 4th vibration intensity… I can’t believe I didn’t put this together? Anyways, I’m always pumped when reviewers point out that the tango is only good for pinpoint vibration, some seem to just mention how powerful it is and not take into account that pinpoint vibrations won’t work for everyone, no matter how strong, which I wish I would have known when buying this, since it was my first vibrator. I love it above all other vibrators, but when you’re buying your first toy these are things you want to know.

    1. I’m really glad our review could help you! The tango is held on a pedestal but it should be know there are flaws to it. Overall it is a great vibrator if it meshes with your needs.

  2. Great Review, used it before I bought the Tango for my wife and she is over the moon. One note, the first one we received would shut itself off after 30 seconds no matter how long it charged. One email to customer service and they replaced it no questions asked. So great item and great customer service.

  3. This one is constantly on my wishlist so I can watch the price. Looking forward to owning one!

  4. I’ve never felt particularly intrigued by the Tango, but it really is so popular and well-reviewed that I should definitely consider it. I honestly think that it just *looks* like it’s buzzy, so it’s really helpful that you let us know that the vibration has a more rumbly quality. Thanks!

  5. It is the best quality bullet I have ever felt, I normally hate bullet vibes…but this one is lovable in every way!!!

  6. I love my Tango! Good to find a nice review for it. It’s the perfect size and the strongest little bullet around. Interesting to hear you liked the vibration patterns…they don’t do much for me. The only problem with the little guy is that when the going gets particularly slippery with my partner (think late july without air conditioning, ugh) it’s basically impossible to hold in position. I had a mini freak-out trying to reach orgasm and was forced to grab a towel and dry up so I could finish! Vibrators that have a big round head are better for those situations. I’m on my 2nd Tango though, it’s definitely loved.

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