Fresh off from review the Fleshlight Pilot we are reviewing the Quickshot, Fleshlights newest addition to their product line and smallest yet. But big things do come in small packages as is the case with the Quickshot, a smaller but equally efficient addition to the Fleshlight Family.

We find ourselves in a predicament and you the readers can now benefit. We have the brand new Tantus inc. Sam to give away! Sam is a realistic duel density vibrating dildo. Unfortunately since we are shipping the product on our own dime, the contest will be open to residents of the USA only and will run until March 6th. Best of luck to everyone!

The JimmyJane Form 8 was an intro into the world of rabbit style vibrators for us, and only our second insertable vibrator. To date Harper has preferred the likes of her Original Magic Wand, due to the broad and powerful vibrations it delivers. Nonetheless we were very excited to try something new and exciting.With Harper and I apart from each other more than usual it seemed like a perfect opportunity to put it to the test.