The Original Magic Wand: Review

The holy grail of sex toys. You would be hard pressed to scan the web and not come across a gleaming reviews of The Original Magic Wand. Our experience with the toy has been nonstop exciting, and has really changed the way we go about go about sex.

About Vibratex

Vibratex is a family owned business and has been making sex toys for over 30 years in California. They were brought to the mainstream when their Rabbit Pearls vibrator was first featured in an episode of Sex and the City. Since then their rabbit style vibrator has become synonymous with duel style vibrators on the market. In 2013 they secured the exclusive rights to distribute the Magic Wand, as Hitachi wished to distance their name from the product. Fast forward to now, they have since released a rechargeable version and The Original Magic Wand continues to be a huge success.

The Details

The Original Magic Wand

The wand is large, shockingly large. At 12.5 inches long it is not clumsy to use, nor is it heavy to hold. The handle of the toy features a rocker style switch, with up and down choosing between two speeds high (5000 RPMs and super high 6000 RPMs) with neutral being off. This is without a doubt the most powerful vibrator we have come across this far. With all that power it does it make it the loudest toy, but I would like to add that the user is usually louder. The head of the toy is slightly smaller than a tennis ball measuring 2” tall by about 2.5” in diameter, and has a slight foam feel to it. The large head helps distribute vibrations over a broad are and is not designed for internal use not that we haven’t tried. The handle although long helps balance things out and seems to be mostly hollow besides the circuitry for the switch as the mother resides in the head. This is a plug in vibrator so an outlet near is handy, as the cord measures six foot in length.


If we had to sit down right now and decide one toy to keep this would be the one. We originally purchased the wand roughly two years ago, when we won fifty dollars on scratch off on a road trip. It arrived at our destination shortly following our arrival. Eager to open the package and catch a glimpse of one of the most famous sex toys on the web.

Initially reaction, this thing is large. After plugging it in, this thing is powerful! We both so excited to put it to use, and when we did we found out why they call it Magic. The Magic Wand has the ability to coax an orgasm out of her in a short matter of minutes, and not only that they tend to keep rolling the next bigger than the previous. Since the first experiences we have somewhat mastered the use of the wand both solo and together, causing body writhing, squirting orgasms nearly 90% of the time.

Our favorite use together has been in the cowgirl position. With Harper on top she is able to ride freely, while I press the head of the wand firmly on her clitoris. This usually doesn’t last long before she starts to become overwhelmed, once past that stage it is not stop climaxes until the end of our play time.

That is not to say there isn’t room for improvement. The cord can get in the way sometimes. At six feet long it does not give us full range all over the bed, but this can be remedied with an extension cord. Harper wishes there was more than two speeds, something other than fast and oh my god! Lastly the toy would be much better with the inclusion of a silicone head rather than PVC. Now these are our issues with the wand that we have, since our purchase vibratex has released a rechargeable model that remedies all of our gripes with the current model, but at nearly twice the price. So until then we will work with what we have and love every minute.

After owning the toy for a little over a month our Magic Wand did stop working, after contacting Vibratex they had a new unit shipped out the next and we were back in action in no time. It was a great experience with a customer service department that stands behind they product they distribute.

To end our experiences with the wand. If you have a clitoris or your partner has a clitoris it deserves to the wonders of The Magic Wand.



IMG_1409   The head of the Magic Wand is made of PVC. Not the best material out there but there are many silicon caps and attachments that can be affixed over the head. If this is a deal breaker the new Rechargeable Magic Wand offers a silicone head as well as more speed options.







The Wand can be purchased through the following retailers:

Tantus Inc.

Good Vibrations




  1. So I just got a wand, and I was reading reviews on how to tell if it is a fake and it passed every test, everything from the stickers to the design to the box were correct..the only things that made it a noticeable fake was it didn’t have a id # and it didn’t weigh 500g only 300g….I am pretty bummed I was looking forward to trying out the power of the real wand, that everyone raves about!

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