If there is one thing we love here at the Toyfulreview it is sex toys of course. But what can make these toys even better is the passionate people behind them. Whether that be bloggers, reviews, the business owners, or the toymakers themselves. Harper and I were beyond thrilled when we were given the opportunity to review a new dildo from a clearly gifted artist.

Very few toys scream quality like those from Njoy, and the Pfun is no different. There is something so enamoring about the mirror finish and weight of stainless steel. Anyone who has picked up a Njoy toy immediately comments on the weight, they are hefty, solid, and nearly indestructible.

Details Measuring 1.25” and each ball weighs .8 oz. These are touted as beginner kegel balls, although we have no point of reference to that claim, we personally have had zero issues with them from the start. The Luxe – Double O Beginner Kegel Balls are made of ABS plastic, similar to some of the […]

  Details The Fun Factory Bouncer is a dildo with a hidden secret. Beyond that bright red 100% silicone shaft lives a series of weighted balls. When shaken the balls rattle within to produce a subtle vibration. Sounds great in theory, and works well when shaking the toy in your hand, but it just doesn’t […]

The follow up to the Pulse III has arrived. Smaller, more portable, and capable of delivering orgasmic vibrations the Pocket Pulse has climbed my list of favorite masturbators to use. Despite it less than realistic approach, the Pocket Pulse manages to deliver an experience that is both satisfying and convenient.