Very few toys scream quality like those from Njoy, and the Pfun is no different. There is something so enamoring about the mirror finish and weight of stainless steel. Anyone who has picked up a Njoy toy immediately comments on the weight, they are hefty, solid, and nearly indestructible.

Sputnik was the first satellite launched into space by the Soviet Union. It was a technological milestone of civilization, and got the ball moving on future advancements and breakthroughs. Enter the Butnik, our first toy that is two toys in one, combining a butt plug and cock ring into one missile like package. Talk about a technological breakthrough!

Our first Super Soft plug from the wonderful folks over at Tantus. The Super Soft silicone is a far cry from what we are used from Tantus, but find wonderful to touch and even better it us. Just the right amount give for a toy this size, It sure does not disappoint and has us excited for whats next.

Somehow this is our first plug review. In the past we have reviewed the Tantus Buck as well as the Ripple, but they are not plugs in the traditional sense. Blush novelties was kind enough to offer us an anal plug from their new Spark line, a line of anal toys complete with a stunning carbon fiber design.

Such a wonderful Christmas gift! We were more than excited to get our hands on the Tantus Buck, when offered by the wonderful people over at Tantus Inc. Made of the same delightfully matte silicone as the Tantus General, the Buck surely lives up to all of our hopes.

The Tantus Ripple was kindly sent by Tantus Inc. in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. We received the Ripple as one of their wonderful grab bag offerings, and which always adds excitement with the element of a surprise color. As always Tantus did not disappoint. About the Tantus Grab Bag For those unfamiliar […]