Hi! I am Liam a mid-twenties engineering student who has spent the last four years exploring sexuality with my present day girlfriend Harper, and together we make up Thetoyfulreview. Midway through our relationship we were apart for quite a while, which as most would assume really sucked. This led to a long distance relationship and our introduction to the world of sex toys. When first deciding where to begin it can be easy to get lost in the sea of options. With the various shapes, materials, sizes, and brands it can be hard to find an option that best suits you. In my search I came across a wonderful variety of quality blogs, many of which are female centered. As that was where our toy adventures started, it was nice for me to read what women think of certain toys.

Beginning with a college budget I set out to purchase the most suitable body safe vibrator I could find as a gift to my girlfriend before we parted ways. What was at first a way for her to have fun while apart, it turned out to add such a great dynamic to our already great sex life that the search for more began. It turned into a collection of toys ranging from vibrators, dildos, lubricants, a strap on harness, some cheap rope for beginner bondage, as well as other odds and ends. This not only kept the spark alive while apart for extended periods of time, but made the times together an exciting adventure each time we reunited.

I want this site to focus on the versatility of sex toys. No matter your sexuality or gender identity,  whether you are in a couple or looking to explore alone. I hope our reviews and articles can be both insightful and helpful as you make your own journey. So within the posts will be an overall review and opinions on its use as both a male (me) and female (Harper), as well as there use together. I myself am into anal penetration/pegging with somewhat sizable toys, whereas Harper prefers strong clitoral vibrations and is not a huge fan of size when it comes to penetration. This creates a wide variation in the toys we own, and the toys we each love both separately and together

I hope to share our experiences and help others finds happiness in many of the same ways we have. All the while promoting sex positivity, and the use of safe materials in all things sex. We hope to help rid the connotation that sex toys are sold in a dimly lit shop in the corner of a strip mall, and bring attention to the wonderful quality products from amazing companies that exist in today’s market for every body type.

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