RodeoH Black Panty Harness: Review

The Details

This Rodeo Harness is gorgeously feminine, featuring lace trim and a ruched back to add to the aesthetics. As a pair of panties, they look gorgeous and with the added harness benefit you have a great combination of both looks and utility. Made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, this strap on is easy to maintain and held up well to our repeated use.

Centered along the mons is a 1.75” diameter O-ring that should fit most average sized dildos. If you are looking for something larger take a look at 2.0 version, featuring a 2” O-ring.

Unlike a standard pair of panties these do not have as much stretch, so you are going to want to measure yourself and make sure you are purchasing in accordance to their provided sizing chart.

Our Feelings

We have quite a few harnesses and what we found is that you can’t have it all in one harness. If you are looking for support, usually you must deal with straps. It really is the only sure fire to get a snug and supportive fit. If you want comfort and ease of use, we go for the brief/panty style, but you are sacrificing some of that sturdiness.

With the Ruched Back Panty Harness by Rodeoh you have that ease of use. The ability to slip a dildo in and pull it on and you are ready to go is something that never gets old. In use the dildo is held taught and is sturdy enough for even the most intense thrusting.

One thing I have noticed between all of the harnesses is the sexier they look; the more Harper is into it. She is not a fan of having straps everywhere, complicated buckles, or anything that would make the process harder than it should be. If she can slide into a beautiful pair panties that make her feel pretty, the less shy she seems about the whole thing.

There are some limiting factors though, with the 1.75” O-ring it does divide our collection a bit. I would say half of our toys do not comfortably fit, and I feel nervous to permanently stretch out the O-ring. Which unlike some of the more standard harness cannot be changed out. Even our previously reviewed harness the SpareParts Tomboi can fit a 2.25” dildo.

This panty style harness is very similar to the Spareparts Tomboi we reviewed early and between the two we would say although we love the looks of the Rodeoh, Tomboi does have the edge in the support and versatily.

Cleaning Instructions

Hand Wash and lay flat or hang to dry. This harness won’t last forever but with a little care you can prolong the life of your harness.


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