Pop Tops Silicone Magic Wand attachment: Review

We were approached by Good Vibrations a short while ago to review a few of their exclusive products. We began with a Massage Oil Candle from their Ambiance line and now to review one of their wonderfully priced 100% silicone wand attachments. Not being very picky we left it to the wonderful people at Good Vibrations to pick the specific model and ultimately ended up with the Black Ridges style.

The Details

IMG_1656The Ridges attachment is made from very soft 100% silicone. Measures approximately 2.5” in both height and diameter and .25” in thickness and fits wonderfully over the head of The Original Magic Wand making not only softer, but more hygienic than the vinyl material used in the head of the wand. The vinyl head of the Original Magic Wand is both porous and difficult to clean due to the nature of the toy itself. By having a removable head in nonporous gives the ability to sterilize with whichever cleaning method you prefer to use with your standard silicone toys.

Although we do not own any other wand style vibrators, the amount of stretch that the attachment has would make it an easy fit for others with similar dimensions. As far as texture goes the Ridges attachment is surrounded by three ring like ridges along the length of head, before reaching a flat top.


As one would expect, covering the head of the wand in a layer of silicone does in fact dampen the vibrations, although not as much as we had originally anticipated. Without a way to accurately measure this we can only guess somewhere between a 10-20% reduction. What we didn’t expect was the large increase in noise this attachment creates. As this is only our second attachment for the magic wand it is significantly louder than the Nuzzle tip we used prior. As we currently do not live alone the noise factor is a significant con when it comes to using the Ridges attachment, which is a shame due to the wonderful feeling and quality of the material. The review itself has taken a long time to write due this simple fact. With alone time being a little scarce recently, we just haven’t had many opportunities to discretely use the product without it sounding like we are demolishing the drywall.


When we do use it we run in to a few more issues personally. The way we use the wand together is hindered slightly by the added size, which makes it more suited for solo use, again limiting the times that we reach for this particular attachment.

If budget wasn’t an issue we would much prefer the Rechargeable Magic Wand. With the addition of a silicone head and more speeds, it just seems like a better route. But if you already own a wand, and don’t mind the noise the Pop Top ridges attachment does fill part of the void. But for us it just doesn’t mesh with how we use the wand, making the cons outweigh the benefits.


The Pleasure Works Ridges attachment is made of 100% silicone. This allows for sterilization and sharing between partners, etc. Unlike the head of The Original Magic Wand which is a porous (PVC), the attachment is nonporous. For more silicone care instructions feel free to check out the Materials Safety Guide.

The Pop Top magic wand attachments can be purchased at Goodvibes.com for $22.00 by following the link below.

Goodvibes Pop Tops


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