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Womanizer buttonsThere isn’t much to the womanizer, but the first characteristic I noticed was the weight. The Womanizer is incredibly light, especially for its size. I have tried to distance myself from reviewing packaging, as I believe it’s is a non-factor and hardly worth mentioning. Now though, i must include that the Womanizer comes with a travel case albeit and ugly one,  that fits not only the Womanizer itself but also the charger and additional head.

The Womanizer is controlled by two buttons. One small and grey and turns the unit on; the other, a giant plastic gem stone that cycles through the 6 vibration intensities. When it comes to charging, the Womanizer charges via USB cable, which is included.

The Womanizer is not waterproof, but the removable silicone head makes for easy cleaning. As usual, be wary using silicone lubricant with silicone toys. We stick to water based just to be safe.



This has been a tough review to write. Usually in the case of dildos, I would use the toy as well as Harper. Most vibrators can be felt on various parts of the body to get an idea of the power, and frequency, whether rumbly or buzzy. But with the Womanizer’s combination of suction and slight vibration I don’t really have a way of experiencing for myself. So I have left it to Harper to culminate some notes and share what the Womanizer is all about.

IMG_2276First thing to note is this toy actually got Harper excited.  Since the start of the blog we have reviewed many of toys and not all of them catch Harper’s attention. She saw so many great reviews on the Womanizer and so many happy customers that she was so thrilled to get her hands (and other body parts) on it. During first use, the Womanizer is a unique experience. The word suction may be the wrong word as it will not grab hold of you like a vacuum, but rather gently pulses the suction in sync with vibrations if that’s what it is actually doing. Putting my finger over the tip I can’t discern any vibrations.

That is not to say the Womanizer does not work, it works quite well at directly stimulating the clitoris and does so with relatively little sound; especially compared to our usual wand. But for Harper it lacked the deep penetration that standard vibrations offer, and did not live up to her expectations. Rather the Womanizer offers very subtle, glancing stimulation which some would prefer.

 The gentle stimulation provided by the Womanizer was enough to excite Harper but not enough to really push her over the edge. And as a couples toy we found it more difficult to use together than we do using various other toys such as the Magic Wand. Probably due to pinpoint precision needed for it to surround the clitoris properly. For this reason, we would suggest solo usage.


Womanizer caseFor us I can see this being an amazing toy to warm up with. For others, it might be best for those more sensitive to vibrations. Coming from a partner who is so used to the broad stimulation that the wands offer, it just wasn’t enough to get her over the edge. But as unique and exciting as the Womanizer is at a $189 from most retailers, the price is a bit steep. When it comes to “luxury” toys it is always a bit off putting when confronted with the high price. Of course you pay for quality, but on the other hand you may drop a large chunk of change on something that just does not work for. And although the product was not perfect for us, many other reviewers swear by it.

Womanizer has eased those thoughts by offering a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you are on the fence about purchasing you can try risk free. Who knows you just may love it, as many others have. But like any product out there, there is no perfect toy for everyone. The Womanizer is such a unique toy that it makes comparison difficult, as there is simply nothing we have come across that is quite like it.


If you are interested in purchasing the Womanizer, it can be found HERE at Hellovibes.com for 189.99 with free shipping. Although the Womanizer is not included in the sale, there is currently a 15% off code “Vibes15” on many of the other products available.


This product was provided in exchange for a fair and honest review.









  1. I’ve been interested in trying this one out! I’m really glad I read your review first so I’ll know more what to expect – otherwise I might have been disappointed, expecting one type of stimulation and getting something entirely different. Great photos and great work describing a toy you weren’t able to fully use as intended! And FWIW I actually think that ugly case is cute. 🙂

  2. I’m surprised the Womanizer did not leave an impression, I’ve seen some very mixed reviews lately.

    1. As have we. It seems to be a very polarizing item on the market. People either love it, or just meh.

  3. I am excited to try it, I am getting one to review and I can’t wait. A lot of people love it, but there are the few that don’t and I am hoping since my vagina is so picky and doesn’t like much that this will send me over the edge like the majority….i need something that will do it for me!!

    1. We currently do not own the Satisfyer Pro 2, but if we acquire it we certainly will get a comparison up on the blog.

  4. I have such mixed feelings about this toy, really. I’ve read so many reviews and yet have absolutely no idea whether it will do anything for me… Hmm… I guess it’s trial and error. You never know until you actually try it.

  5. This is the first time I’ve read about the womanizer being underpowered, was considering getting it but somewhat uncertain now…is there a 30-day money back guarantee even outside the US? And how does that work out?

    1. I think my partner Harper is just power hungry when it comes to clitoral stimulation. I believe the 30 day money back is through the retailer so it may differ depending on where you buy it. Overall I think it is one of those toys that are just hit or miss for people, because it is so different.

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