Lelo Lily 2: Review


The Details

IMG_2427Does the Lily really smell like Bordeaux and chocolate? Kind of, but I would hardly call that a selling point. There are plenty of positives to the Lily 2 to cover. Measuring in at 3.5”x1.5”, the Lily 2 looks like a scaled down version of a laptop mouse. But in that small form factor there are some serious vibrations. I would not say it is as powerful as the much coveted We-Vibe Tango, though it is more powerful than some of the other vibrators we own. In comparison we find the vibrations to be slightly more powerful than our JimmyJane Form 8 and much more so than our PicoBong Moka. Besides the power of the vibrations, I believe that the overall form factor of the Lily 2 is much more comfortable than the Tango, being easier to hold and better shaped to disperse vibrations over a larger area.

Fully waterproof, USB rechargeable, 10 speeds with 8 varying patterns make it wonderful to cover the entire palate of options out there.  These patterns and speeds are controlled via two small buttons on the face of the toy. The right button is used for turning the toy on as well as increasing the speed and intensity of the vibrations, and the left to turn down the vibrations as well as turn the toy off.



IMG_2424Although we are not fans of having too many vibration patterns to scroll , the Lily 2 has a feature that really makes the options less hindering. When using toys such as the Tango, after cycling through the various speed options you are immediately met with a crazy pattern. When you aren’t sure how many levels of speed are left this can be really annoying to navigate through, leaving you plummeting to random pattern despair instead of the extra power you needed to finish. But with the Lily 2, tapping the right button increases the speed, but once reaching the tenth speed the right button will no longer cycle to a patterned vibration set. Rather you must hold the right button for 1-2 seconds and upon releasing the Lily 2 will move to the next pattern.

The Lily 2 is slightly buzzier when compared to the rumbly nature of the tango, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. There is a certain level of rumble to it, and I think it would be perfect for those that voice that the Tango is a bit much for them. The larger surface area combined with the 10 speed variations make this wonderful for those who are looking to ease into clitoral vibrations. Not only does the Lily 2 look unintimidating, I find it to be very quiet for the power it delivers, paired with the its waterproof capabilities, it is perfect for those who need a little more discretion.

Overall we really enjoyed the Lily 2, it was not ground breaking. Nor it is the toy we reach for most often. But overall it is a wonderful addition to our collection, and a great product. So chocolate smelling gimmick aside, I think Lelo has manufactured a toy that will appeal to many.



IMG_2427The Lelo Lily 2 is made of ABS plastic, which is non-porous, and body safe (BPA and Phthalate free). One of the major benefits to this is there is no dampening of vibrations as they travel amazingly well through the ABS.


Interested in purchasing the Lelo Lily 2? Head over to Lelo and check out the Lily 2 as well as many of their other offerings.





  1. Thanks for comparing this to the Tango, both are on my wish list, and this helps narrow it down.

    1. You’re welcome! It’s not as powerful but a really great product. I think they each have their place.

  2. Great review… that’s adorable. Thanks for a great breakdown and comparison. The chocolate scent is a strange addition, but kind of intriguing all the same. I wouldn’t buy it just for that feature, but it’s definitely something that got my attention!

  3. Would you say that this is loud enough that you may be able to hear it through walls? Using toys like this is difficult when there are people in neighboring rooms.

    1. Honestly for the level of vibrations that it puts out, it is fairly quiet. I would also heavily doubt that someone in an adjoining room could hear it.

  4. I’ve been looking for a supplementary toy for my wife, for when we run the tango battery out or when it’s a bit too much, so the comparison between the two is helpful!

    Does the scent on the toy transfer all, or leave any kind of flavor?


    1. No transferring from my experience, and no flavor. It actually seems to have faded over time. Glad it helped!

  5. sucks i almost was thinking i would like this, till i read that it is buzzy. But at least I know I wouldn’t ever use it! So thank you for testing it so i don’t have to!

    1. Buzzy wouldn’t describe it completely, but neither would rumbly. It is somewhere in between, and functions quite well. A far cry from buzzy bullet vibes.

  6. It’s so tiny! Thanks for showing that! I imagined something like Lelo Siri. But it’s much smaller. I wonder how the two of them compare. If you have a chance to review the Siri, I would appreciate some comparison between the two.

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