Tantus Echo Handle: Review


The Details

IMG_2170The Tantus Echo is a dildo designed for thrusting. With a 7” insertable portion, it flows with a texture that we find perfect. The texture is subtle, more so than the Maia D3 but more pronounced than our previous “go to” the Tantus Purr. To complete the 11” of total length. the insertable portion is followed by a 4” handle with a textured grip. Unlike the shaft which is a glossy silicone, the handle has a matte finish.

Although Tantus Inc. has the Echo Handle listed at 1.5” in diameter, I did not find a single portion of the toy that measured so. Even the pronounced head measures closer to 1.4”, and no part of the shaft after that measures greater 1.35” in diameter. In use I find it feels a bit smaller than the Tantus Purr in use which is listed at 1.4”, and easier to use without warm up.

The Echo handle is not suction cup or harness compatible, but there is a version with no handle if that better fits your needs. Although I do not own the non-handled version I have heard there are more substantial differences beyond the handle.


I did not think the handle would make as much of a difference, but the added length has really been a game changer. It has made using much easier in both solo use and partner use, with less hand cramps to boot. Not only has the handle made the Echo easier to use, but also more effective. With an increased length and added grip, the Echo can now be thrusted faster allowing the texture to be more pronounced.

IMG_2169The pronounced head is perfect G-spot/prostate stimulation, and the following ridges provide amazing results while thrusting both anally and vaginally. The Echo Handle does have a smaller diameter than a lot of the toys we use, but I have come to embrace it. For a quick session with little warm up or spontaneous fun in the shower, the Echo Handle has reigned supreme and somehow found a perfect mesh of texture and size for everyday use.

Overall we do not have any complaints about the design, as it fits our needs perfectly and has become one of our favorite and most used dildos in our collection. We did receive a grab bag version of the Echo Handle and with that comes a gamble on the color, but we were willing to roll the dice as currently the Echo Handle is only available in Strawberry Pink and Midnight Purple. If there is one thing we are not a fan of it would be realistic toys, and our grab bag version came in a flesh tone. It was not the end of the world but certainly not our favorite color out there. Despite our dread for the color, the Echo Handle has ended up being one of our favorites. The grab bag version retails for $29.99 without any promotions on top of it. But let’s be honest Tantus has some great promotions going on all the time, making the Tantus Echo Handle one of the best values in our collection.

Cleaning Instructions

The 100% Ultra Premium Silicone used is nothing but quality. As with any silicone toy the options are plentiful when it comes to cleaning. Tantus suggests:

For a quick clean, use antibacterial soap with warm to hot water, or use a toy cleaner (one without Triclosan!).
For a more extensive clean, you can boil your toy for 2 minutes, with enough water to cover. You can also spray or rinse your product in a 10% bleach solution. Do NOT boil bleach.
To clean toys with grooves, crevices, and texture, you may put your product in the dishwasher on a regular cycle on the bottom rack.

For the most thorough cleaning, follow all three steps.
1. Wash the toy with soap & hot water to remove debris.
2. Spray or rinse the toy with a 10% bleach solution.
3. Run the toy through the dishwasher, bottom rack, detergent not necessary.


For more information on materials and cleaning instructions check out the materials guide Here.




  1. I certainly agree with your stance on flesh colored toys, not much of a fan. Glad you’re still getting use out of it!

  2. I’m not feeling very enthusiastic about this one. I find that color to be a turn-off… plus, I look more for girth than length, so I think this would miss the mark with me. Thanks for the thorough review!

  3. Thanks for pointing out that the handle does make a difference. I have a vibrating Echo, but now I am considering one with a handle from their Grab Bags.

  4. I am with you 100% on that color. My first time Echo Handle grab bag color was abominable. It even had a black fleck of debris embedded in it. The new one they gave me was a purplish/brown swirl but had some melty flaws to it by the handle. Recently I just bought their Protouch Grab Bag and it came in the exact fucking color (wine) the Protouch normally comes in, so despite being a frequent customer I may have to take a break from Tantus for a while. I’ve seen all these amazing Grab Bag colors other reviewers have gotten and I’m a little disappointed with mine.

    1. I completely agree but that is the nature of a Grab Bag, similar to playing the lotto. Even as a reviewer who has reviewed many toys for them, I still do not have the power to request or guide what kind of grab bag we get. In the end you come out with an amazing quality toy at a budget price, whether you enjoy the color or not.

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