Maia Astral D3: Review

To continue on through my collection of toys, I chose to review the Maia Astral D3. This toy although it may not look it, is quite a formidable step up from the Tantus Purr in terms of size and the intensity of texture.

Astral Maia

The Details

The Maia Astral D3 is a heavily textured dildo made by the company ‘Maia’. This is my only toy from this brand, but that is not due to lack of quality. Maia focuses on creating premium products in an array of pleasing colors, at a budget price. This dildo measures 8” in length and averages 1.75″ in width. The variation in diameter from the ridges is a difference between .25″ in diameter, making this considerable texture to deal with. Topping the shaft is a slightly oblong head where the diameter of this toy measures in at 1.75″ by 1″55. The ridges along the shaft are oriented at a 45 degree angle giving the illusion of a swirl.

This toy is large. Not only large but very firm, the D3 itself has nearly no give to it. This makes the already extreme texture stand out even more. At the bottom of shaft is a suction cup base, a feature not usually found in this price range. The suction is quite strong when attached to a flat surface and functions incredibly well in use.


This toy was purchased quite some time ago as, initially drawn by the price for a 100% silicone toy . I find during anal use, the D3 can be quite a chore, but very worth it. Going straight to this toy without a warm up of some sort can be quite a challenge for a couple reasons. First off the size itself, and the large size of the head. The diameter at the head makes inserting slightly more difficult than a standard round tip, but once inserted it is quite pleasurable. The matte silicone does not aid in helping the situation as it can take quite a bit of lubricant to overcome the friction of the material.

With that said though when you finally do overcome the size, and apply enough lubricant to really get things moving – the D3 by Maia is quite an intense experience. The texture is unlike other toys I have tried, making thrusting a very unique experience, aided by the oblong shape of the head is well shaped for reaching the prostate.

I myself enjoyed it, but when used vaginally the size and texture were to intense for her to thoroughly enjoy the toy. If used to quickly the ridges can cause discomfort on insertion, and the firmness of the silicon combined with the large head was described as uncomfortable.

Overall the toy is great in use, but not a toy I reach for to start a session with. With a nice warm up though the toy can provide not only great texture, but also a great filling sensation due to the above average size. I would not recommend this toy for those looking for a first toy, but for those more experienced in larger toys, the Astral D3 by Maia would make an excellent addition to ones collection.



The Maia D3 Astral is made from 100% silicone. Silicone is one of, if not the best material available in the toy industry. Silicone is Hypoallergenic, Non-Toxic, and Non-Porous. What this means for us the consumer is that these toys are not only safe to use without the addition of harmful chemicals, but that their ability to be boiled and sanitized allows them to truly stand the test of time.

The D3 comes in two colors – a bright blue (Astral) and neon purple (Porpora). I own the blue variety and it is quite an attractive color. The silicone used is more of matte finish, and with this I find the toy to need a lot more lubricant to overcome the draggy nature of the material. The benefit coming as it is not the lint magnet that most other silicone toys double as. The toy ships with a matching drawstring pouch, and is perfect for storage.


Cleaning Instructions

As with any 100% silicon toy the options are nearly limitless to clean and sanitize. Many manufactures recommend the following:

  • A 10% bleach solution
  • Boiling
  • Your favorite toy cleaner
  • Dishwasher safe (Top rack)
  • A scrubbing with antibacterial soap (my personal preference)


The Maia D3 can is currently on sale and can be purchased through the link below. (The photo in the review table)





  1. I’ve been considering getting one of Maia’s dildos for a while- like you, the price and the colours caught my eye- so it’s nice to find a review of one of their toys. I’ve yet to try a really textured toy so the look of this dildo intrigued me, but after reading your review I think it might be a bit big for me. If I see it at a good price I might just have to snap it up though and give it a try.

    1. Maybe look into the D1 vs the D3, it seems a tad smaller though not by much but the texture is probably more suitable for someone less experienced.

    1. Its interesting to see a company take such an interest in color of their toys. Its easy to get bored of the standard purple, pink, and black toys.

  2. I am going to buy this one and the D1, they might end up being too big but I can’t resist trying them out.

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