Frisky Beast ElectroFox: Review

About Frisky Beast opened for business in the summer of 2013 in central Ohio. The company was founded by Theropod and Felicity Feather, who wanted to see more variety in the selection of ‘alternative lifestyle’ adult toys available to the public. Frisky Beast Enterprises is the result of their efforts, and they continue to strive for expansion and improvement on a day to day basis.

From our experience they offer very budget friendly fully customizable toys in over 25 Original designs. Each toy comes in a variety of sizes and firmness levels, so there is an option for any need. One of our favorite aspects of fantasy toys is the ability to truly customize the toy to your exact desires.

Although they currently do not offer color fades, they do offer a selection of unique, shop-created color schemes that include Ursa Major, Cosmic Tiger, Citrus Sunrise, etc. Outside of the premade color schemes you can choose from Marble (layering of two colors in a dynamic pattern on the toy), highlights (a secondary color layer that brings out the detail of a model), Overload (drippy ‘just finished’ effect layered onto the toy). They also offer split, which is a clean divide between shaft and base. Besides color customization Frisky Beast also offers mix-ins which are special effects that can be added to the pigment used in your toy. Mix-ins include things like glitter, metallic powder, glow in the dark, and Heatwave (a heat reactive color changing pigment).


The Details


One of the main issues when given so many options is narrowing down what you would like. I am the type of person to research even the simplest of purchases, reading reviews and descriptions until figuring out the perfect fit. With near infinite choices of color and design It can really create hold up. Analyzing the pros and cons of each design, size, texture, and firmness leads to a long period of contemplation.

We ultimately decided on the Electrofox, which would be or first experience with a knotted dildo. The Electrofox measure 8.5” in total length 7” of which is insertable. The shaft starts at modest 1.6” in diameter before reaching the knot. The knot measures at an impressive 2.3” in diameter. The thing with the knot is it reaches its full diameter rather quickly, making It a tough adjustment from the much smaller shaft.

At a medium firmness it is one of the softest toys in our collection, softer than our Bad Dragon toy which is Bad Dragons version of medium. Firmness is one of the hardest aspects to explain as many people have differing opinions on what is soft, and what is firm. As much as I hate to make this comparison the Frisky Beast Medium firmness is much like the despised jelly dildo, they both are very soft and have a lot of give when squeezed. But unlike a god awful jelly dildo, Frisky Beast is made from 100% platinum cured silicone. If you happen to own a dual density dildo, it is very similar to the soft coating on the outside, but feels softer due to the lack of the firm core found in a dual density toy.

When we ordered the Electrofox we asked for the following customization options:

“Small Electrofox. If possible we would like a black base with the most neon/highlighter yellow and green marbled together. If possible we would like the shaft to glow in the dark. Medium Firmness.” When we first opened the box out first thought was how close it was to how we imagined it would, which is always plus. One unfortunate aspect is the toy does not glow. I am unsure if that was a manufacturing mistake or a feature that was not available to me as a reviewer.


img_2970At 2.3” the knot is right at the limit of what I have taken comfortably from other toys such as the Tantus General or the Spark Plug. After 4-5 attempts I have yet to conquer the knot, and for a few different reasons than size alone.  The medium firmness is very soft, softer than I imagined it would be, this makes insertion difficult as the toy tends to fold or bend when it meets pressure. So once reaching the knot the toy tends to bend under the force needed to insert past the knot. Certain positions are better than others for trying to get the knot in, but despite heavy use, I have still yet to conquer. I will certainly update this post with my initials impressions once the knot is finally tackled.

I am sure with more attempts and practice it will happen, and even without the experience of that particular portion of the Electrofox it is a wonderful toy. Having so many options of toys to use leads to stiff competition, some toys never leave the drawer and others find themselves being used almost daily. Originally the ElectroFox was not my favorite. The short shaft, combined with the massive knot was not a combination that really worked for me. But after using it more and more, I can say I am a huge fan. I have come to love the challenge of almost getting past the knot, and the further I get the better the ElectroFox feels. It offers a great stretching feeling, but the unlike using just a wide toy, I can take the ElectroFox much deeper due to the narrower shaft. The combination of deep internal stimulation along with stretch from the knot is heavenly. And unlike with thrusting it is a sensation that is easier to accomplish when using alone, making it wonderful for solo play.img_2976

All in all, I am huge fan of the ElectroFox, and a huge fan of Frisky Beast. Despite the slow start and the learning curve of using a knotted toy, my experience has been beyond wonderful and the quality of the toy speaks for itself. Having worked with other Fantasy toy makers in the past, and  I would say Frisky Beast has some of the best custom fantasy toys for the price.



  1. I love that I’m seeing more and more reviews for these less-mainstream toys, they’re so much fun, and the colors are all fantastic!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful review. I just have a couple of questions I have. Do they ship it to you in a discreet package? And when you purchase from their website what exactly does the transaction say? I don’t want FriskyBeat pulling up in my bank account history lol.

    1. Every site I have ever worked with has shipped discretly, and Frisky Beast is no exception. The product was shipped in a plain brown box with no indication of what was inside or the company it was from.
      I am unsure about what billing title they use but I am sure a quick email to them will get you the answer for that.

  3. Hello just found your blog today i was considering ordering from this site since i have a huge thing for knots and thickness but i am student with low income and really want a big electrofox what would you recommend?

    1. Depends on what sizes you are accustomed to right now. If you cannot reasonably take a 2″ diameter toy, than I doubt you will be able to knot the Electrofox. That being said the toy is of high quality, and I would certainly recommend FriskyBeast products.

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