Tantus Slick Large & Small: Review


The Details

IMG_2504The 02 line of dual density dildos by Tantus have always seemed to focus on more realistic designs, and even more so lately. The last few major Tantus releases have all focused on ultra realistic designs, which really isn’t our cup of tea. The tear drop shape that sits atop the shaft of the Tantus Slick combined with the softness of the outer layer is heavenly. For those who are fans of targeted yet soft P-spot/G-spot stimulation the Slick does so in a way that other toys simply do not. Most toys in our experience that are targeted at G-spot stimulation tend to made of much stiffer materials and are way more aggressive when thrusted, which is not the case with the Tantus Slick.

Since the Large and Small are exactly the same this review will cover the ins and outs of both models, focusing on aspects other than their size differences.

Size  Large Small
Insertable Length 7.25” 6”
Head Diameter 1.65” 1.27”
Shaft Min. 1.20” .95”
Shaft Max. 1.62” 1.25”

Due to the SuperSoft silicone used by Tantus in the Slick the size is less of a challenge when compared to other products of differing materials, such as Glass, ABS, or even Tantus usual firm silicone.



IMG_2509 I was not sure how to classify this toy when we first received it, as it does a lot of things very well. But i believe after using it for some time now I find it to be one of my favorite thrusting dildos. The ease of insertion as well as the slightly tapered shaft make it wonderful in day to day use. The Slick small is a perfect toy for the beginner, whether you are looking to explore anal or vaginal penetration. The soft exterior of the toy and the bulbous head create a gentle yet filling experience. I believe the design of the Slick would work especially well for those who prefer internal stimulation, but are not a fan of the stretching felling that larger toys deliver.

As for the Slick Large, I am a huge fan. I think it falls somewhere in that goldilocks zone of perfect size, not too big and easy enough to use with little to no warm up.  I find myself gravitating to it more and more as time goes on as it seems to provide a great balance between size and comfort. Where I think the Slick large really shines is in strap on play. When used for pegging, the dual density silicone provides a little cushion and makes the experience gentle. At the same time the above average length makes insertion and thrusting a breeze. Combine all of this with a  non-realistic design makes for a much more appealing toy than for those that aren’t into realistic toys. A perfect option for those looking to add a versatile new toy to their arsenal.



Cleaning Instructions


The 100% Ultra Premium Silicone used is nothing but quality. As with any silicone toy the options are plentiful when it comes to cleaning.  Tantus suggests:

For a quick clean, use antibacterial soap with warm to hot water (Our preferred method), or use a toy cleaner (one without Triclosan!). For a more extensive clean, you can soak your product with a 10% bleach solution.
For the most thorough cleaning, you may put your product in the dishwasher on a regular cycle (no detergent).

Let air dry, or clean with a lint free cloth.

For more information on materials and cleaning instructions check out the materials guide Here.




  1. I hadn’t read your reviews until now but I’ve been enjoying them! Always looking for advice with this stuff. My girlfriend has been talking about wanting something like this. If I don’t win it as the end of the month, maybe I’ll have to go buy one.

    1. Tantus is an amazing company and they have some amazing sales, I would certainly recommend the Slick as well as many other Tantus Products for those who are interested.

  2. The head shape on this looks like it would feel awesome, like it’s exactly the type of thing I look for now I know my g-spot better. am also loving the purple colour, it’s so pretty :3

  3. Thanks for reviewing this brand new additions to the O2 line. I think I am really going to like these particular dildos. A lot of potential for good g-spot stimulation.

  4. Lots of great info! I have been looking into a few other toys like this and I have always had great experiences with Tantus. Does this toy work with a harness? I know the base is flat and has a bit of a flair but is it enough to be held properly in the ring by the base?

  5. This looks really different, as you say in your review it will be nice to try something that isn’t trying to be realistic, but also has that pleasing bulb at the top.
    The first photo this review makes it seem like the large towers over the small, but the measurements seem to indicate that they are much closer matched. Either way they both look very nice.

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