1. Thought it was in the description. I will add a link to the review, it has all the information on the toys themselves.

  1. Oooo Tantus toy opportunity! Have never tried a toy by them, or had a dual density toy, so would love the chance to try my first 😀 great giveaway and liking your blog in general too!

  2. Hi! This miiiight make a few people angry at me, but I just wanted to make a note of something. I noticed that commenting on a blog post is an option to get more entries into the contest, yes? It’s something that we can do periodically, once per day. Is the spirit of that to post at least one comment each time? Because it seems like the current system is that you can post once and then just keep on applying the +5 entries each time. Just thought I’d point it out!

    1. I’ve always taken it that one comment was enough. Better to have one meaningful comment than a spammy comment everyday which is what I suspect would happen if it operated the other way.

    2. The spirit of that is to explore the blog. Offer comments and questions so they I may better write about what people would like to here. The way the contest application works is that each entry must be approved. So if a person were to say they commented but there is not a comment on the blog that entry would be invalidated. Same goes for twitter interactions. I do appreciate you bringing it forward and I hope I have been transparent in the spirit of these giveaways.

  3. This is a great blog and you’ve been reviewing nearly ALL the Tantus dildoes I’ve had on my wishlist. Glad to see you’re going to be tackling the Tantus G-Spot sometime in the future and I’m so psyched for this giveaway!

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