Tantus Adam Super Soft: Review

A Bit About Tantus

Tantus Inc. is a company that specializes in the production of 100% silicone sex toys. They are a major player in the push for safer toys, using the best quality materials available today. As users of toys we appreciate the positive impact they have had on the sex toy industry.

They can be found here: Tantus Inc.

The Details

The Adam Super Soft is the third offering from Tantus in their Super Soft line up. We usually stay away from realistic dildos, as that is not our cup of tea. The original Adam 02 was only available in skin tones, and paired with the semi realistic design was not our type of toy. Now that they have added the Adam to the Super Soft line up it is now available in both Wine and Midnight Purple color options.

Measuring at 1.68” in diameter and a 7” insertable length the Adam Super Soft is of above average size. I find I can take it with little to no warm up due to its small size, and it provides that full stretching feeling that I have come to enjoy with larger toys. I have found anything larger such as the Astral or General, requires the use of an intermediate toy to warm up to. The bulbous head created that wonderful popping sensation upon entry, and creates a subtler g-spot/p-spot stimulation due to the softness of the silicone when compared to similar toys.

One of favorite uses for the Adam has been harnesses it up for pegging. The above average girth creates that wonderful full feeling. The curved shaft helps target the prostate on each thrust, but the softer silicone eases that bashing feeling you get with really firm toy.

After the Echo Super Soft and now the Adam Super Soft I would have to say the theme of our experiences is somewhere along the lines of subtle. The give to the silicone sort of washes away some of the texture, eases some of the girth, and softens up the stimulation on the g-spot/p-spot/cervix. It is wonderful to have these kinds of choices when you are looking for just the right toy, to create the perfect sensation.



Cleaning Instructions

The 100% Ultra Premium Silicone used is nothing but quality. As with any silicone toy the options are plentiful when it comes to cleaning.  Tantus suggests:

For a quick clean, use antibacterial soap with warm to hot water, or use a toy cleaner (one without Triclosan!).

For a more extensive clean, you can boil your toy for 2 minutes, with enough water to cover. You can also spray or rinse your product in a 10% bleach solution. Do NOT boil bleach.

To clean toys with grooves, crevices, and texture, you may put your product in the dishwasher on a regular cycle on the bottom rack.

Let air dry, or clean with a lint free cloth.

For more information on materials and cleaning instructions check out the materials guide Here.




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