Tails and Portholes Coral Reef: Review

A Bit About Tails and Portholes

Tails and Portholes is my first experience with not only an Etsy seller but also a homemade operation. Run by Brandie, Tails and Portholes makes a variety of marine themed sex toys and are expanding with new models all the time. Being a small scale operation, the costumer is able to place custom orders from independent colors to crazy combinations. She uses only 100% platinum cure silicone, and makes a variety of dual density toys.


In full transparency she has posted a video showing exactly how her toys are made.

The Details

The Coral Reef is a unique design and unlike any I have ever seen on a toy. The bulbous head is cast from what looks like a sea snail, and the base is surrounded by various shells and sea sponges to complete the nautical look. The Coral Reef looks very much like a dildo found on the bottom of the sea.

IMG_2471The Coral Reef is not a small toy, but the softness of the dual density helps as it has some give to it and is less ridged, making it easier to insert. Being a unique toy I had a hard time pulling measurements for the toy as the diameter is changing throughout. The snail shell atop the shaft is more of an oval shape and is 2” inches long and 1.4” inches across. This would be quite a bit off from the listed size on the Etsy product Page. This continues to echo true for most of the list’s dimensions. I find the usable length to be about 5.75” and the shaft diameter to be right at 1.75”. There is a knot diameter listed but I don’t believe this toy has a knot in any real sense, the very bottom of the shaft has a slight flare to it as it comes to the decorative base but I wouldn’t say it is a knot.

Being a review item I did not choose the colors of the toy, and much like my Echo Handle review the color I received was a bit off putting. Now this should not affect the products of anyone else as you would simply choose colors you personally enjoy when ordering. The base is very pretty stone grey with pearlescent white shells and sponges scattered among the base and I find that part very well colored, and quite intriguing. But from there arises an orangish pink that is nearly reminiscent of flesh color, of which we are not a fan. That is obviously no fault of the toy, and is more of a personal preference issue.

This would be my first experience with a homemade dildo but the shaft texture seems to be a bit rough. It could be sticking with the sea-life theme but the texture seemed sort of “unfinished”, with no real pattern to it. All of this combined with the lack of a symmetrical head made the shaft a bit off putting.IMG_2481

These cosmetic observations in no way effect the use of the dildo, nor the quality of craftsmanship. I believe this toy to be well made with quality silicone. As much as I wanted to love the theme, as I have an adoration for the ocean and all that lives in it, I just am not a fan of the cosmetics of this particular toy. As mentioned previously this was sent as a review item, and the amount of options available from Tails and Portholes will certainly allow you to find something that perfectly fits your needs and likes. From the time of receiving the Coral Reef, Tails & Portholes has released a number of new models to their Etsy shop.


To begin I found the shell that forms the bulbous head to be a bit blunt, and makes insertion a bit of a chore. The size and lack of taper, combined with the irregular shape of the head leads for an awkward insertion. Being a dual density toy the outer shell is softer than the firmer core. This helps in use with the benefits of both a softer and more ridged toy.  Once inserted the Coral Reef actually feels quite well, the shell leads itself to p-spot/g-spot stimulation and the texture of the shaft adds a unique sensation beyond the normality of a smooth toy.

IMG_2478The large head on the toy is large enough to feel great on its own. Leaving the toy in without moving it much provides ample stimulation against the prostate for an overall great experience. When it comes to thrusting I find the awkward shape and soft base a little cumbersome to properly thrust, and the textured shaft can become a little draggy over time.  I would have preferred the base to be poured in the firmer silicone as opposed to the soft. To us the Coral reef works much better when used slowly, to really apply pressure to the prostate or g-spot.

Overall the Coral Reef is a fun toy. I wouldn’t call it our favorite or our go to toy, but it certainly has it merits. Despite the few flaws, most of which come down to personal preference it is a well designed toy that would be a great addition to anyone’s collection.


If you are interested in the Coral Reef or which to check out other Tail and Porthole products please check them out on Etsy.




  1. I appreciate how honest you were with this review. I was indeed looking at that head and thinking hmmm, that might be painful for someone with a prominent public bone like me… And then you mentioned awkward insertion. May have to build up some more experience before trying something like this, but indeed it is a beautiful and unique toy!

  2. Great to see a small shop being reviewed! Just by looking at it I’m definitely not digging the texture and amount of detail on the base. Looks like it wouldn’t be comfortable without a lot of wetness/lube and it would be super difficult to clean quickly and completely. Still it’s cool to see such a unique toy!

  3. This is really pretty, although I do agree with you on the color of the dildo itself. All of the tails and portholes stuff I’ve seen is definitely art in its own way though.

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