SpareParts Joque: Review

The SpareParts Joque is made of high quality spandex, nylon, and Velcro.  The front material is breathable, lightweight, and feels similar in texture and weight to that of material found in Underarmour brand work out cloths. This combination of high quality materials makes for a wonderful feeling, machine washable harness. Compared to our experiences with other harnesses the quality, feeling and comfort of the SpareParts Joque is unmatched.

The fit and feel offers control that other harnesses have not in the past. Not knowing whether harness play and pegging would be something we would continue to do we began with something less pricey. But the saying “you get what you pay for” rings very true in the world of harnesses. Our cheaper harness is much more complicated, less comfortable, and much less stable when it comes to use. With the SpareParts Joque the ease of use makes it much more fun in the bedroom.

The Joque is available in two sizes, which can be viewed in the chart below.

chart joque

In our experience the O-ring has been one of the easiest to use. The soft and flexible O-ring has the ability to accommodate a dildo from 1” to just a hair over 2” in diameter, and it is as simple as pulling the dildo through the ring. No need to switch rings out to accommodate different sizes as we had to do in the past.

IMG_2780All in all, the Spareparts Joque has done something for us that other products have not, ending the search for a better harness as we are so satisfied with this one. Writing this blog, and reviewing our way through a mountain of dildos and vibrators looking for something better; as there are always improvements to be made. Maybe it is the fact that strap on play is not a keystone aspect, nor integral part of our relationship. Maybe we have settled for what is good enough for us, for the times we do use it. But I do not believe that to be the case, I honestly believe the Spareparts Joque is one of, if not the best harness on the market. The perfect amount of comfort, quality, stability, and ease of use situates this harness well above the competition. The various internal pouches that separate the wearer from the base of the toy, and ability to add a bullet vibrator are well received addition, that adds versatility to the Joque. Overall it just works well, and looks great while doing it.

Cleaning Instructions

One of the finer points of the SpareParts Joque is the ability to machine wash when needed. Cleaning is as simple as placing it in a wash bag and washing it with the rest of laundry, once washed low temperature tumble dry or lay flat to dry.




    1. It works perfectly with the Feeldoe more. I have a review on the Feeldoe more as well that goes more in depth. All you do is feed the head portion through the back of the Oring and pull it through like any other dildo. Very secure and very comfortable.

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