Luxe – Double O Beginner Kegel Balls: Review


Measuring 1.25” and each ball weighs .8 oz. These are touted as beginner kegel balls, although we have no point of reference to that claim, we personally have had zero issues with them from the start. The Luxe – Double O Beginner Kegel Balls are made of ABS plastic, similar to some of the most popular toys such as the We-Vibe Tango or Aneros Prostate Massagers. Despite the visual seam running through the middle of the spheres, we were unable to sense any discomfort from it during use. We personally lack experience with Kegel balls but these seem to be fairly run of the mill in terms of size, materials, and a great entry to these types of products, especially for the price.

In use

We aren’t experts in this field but Harper and I thought it would be fun to try something new. Although she was not comfortable wearing them out and about during the day, we did find them useful in other situations. Sliding them in before Harper harnesses up for a pegging session, added sensations for her at every thrust. Using them during anal sex also had a fun effect adding vaginal stimulation to the mix. We found the Kegel Balls to be comfortable in use, easy to insert, and had zero issues with removal.

Whereas Kegel balls are marketed as a sort of exercise. Holding the balls in or clenching around them activates the PC muscles along the pelvic floor. Over longer durations one should be able to strengthen their pelvic floor and the general idea is to increase sexual wellness and orgasm potential. Whether these claims are true I am unsure, but a lot of research points towards the benefits of Kegel exercises. If you are looking for more information there are tons of reputable sources.

Harper and I weren’t quite able to explore the full effects of exercising with the Blush Luxe Double O Kegel Balls as Harper was not comfortable with leaving them in for any extended period of time. If we do end up going down that road we will certainly post an updated review. Until then we will continue using these in the manner that has worked best for us, and enjoying every minute!

Cleaning Instruction

As with most of our ABS toys we simply clean with warm soapy water. If you are looking for a more thorough cleaning we usually soak our toys in a 10% Bleach solution, followed by a thorough rinse.


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