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The Details

JimmyJane is a luxury toy maker specializing in artistically designed sex toys for both men and women. The Form 8 combines two of their most award winning designs into one rabbit style vibrator. By combining the Form 2 with their Form 6 (2+6=8 yay math!), they managed to create a rabbit style vibrator that is both elegant and functional. The Form 8 charges via a magnetic USB charger similar to that of the WeVibe Tango, and has a battery lasting around 4 hours before needing a full recharge. The Form 8 is covered in very soft and smooth matte silicone that feels wonderful to the touch and in use. It is fully waterproof if you prefer to use it in the bath or shower and makes cleaning a breeze.

IMG_2062The Form 8 is 7” long, and 1.25” in diameter at the widest point of the insertable shaft. The ears are each 1.5” long and set .35” apart, allowing them to cover a substantial area for clitoral stimulation. That being said, with rabbit style vibrators they do not always mesh with ones anatomy. To stimulate the clitoris and internal g-spot requires the correct curve and lengths to align for the best experience possible. The Form 8 addresses this with a flexible shaft that has the ability to bend slightly to help better align the toy with your anatomy. Pair that with the double ear design to encompass the clitoris in vibrations – you have a product that delivers where others have fallen short.


That isn’t to say the Form 8 is perfect for us. It did fall short in some areas. The vibrations are not as strong as some of our other toys, such as the Lelo Lily 2 or WeVibe Tango. The addition of 7 vibration patterns and 5 speeds is a bit much. We have never been a large fan of patterned vibrations and to have so many options to cycle through can create a frustrating experience if you happen to pass your desired setting.

That being said the buttons are simple to navigate, with two to control the speed and one to cycle through the various patterns. These patterns include the usual pulsation, and ramping up and down, but also includes being able to just vibrate the shaft or just the ears. In use we preferred to stick to the simple speed control for our desired results.

IMG_2055The vibrations find themselves somewhere between rumbly and buzzy and are effective both internally and clitorally. The external ears are able to carry vibrations very well with the tips providing very pinpoint stimulation if needed, but the large surface area of the dual ear design can also provide a broad area for stimulation. The flexibility of the toy provided a level of comfort that ridged toys such as the PicoBong Moka did not. When inserted, the Form 8 contoured to her anatomy, with her clitoris snuggling right between the ears as designed while providing internal stimulation at the same time.

Would we say it is better than a dildo and the Magic Wand at the same time?… probably not. But what it is, is a quiet and effective vibrator that does what it sets out to do and that is to provide dual stimulation in a beautiful package. Much like the Magic Wand the Form 8 does not carry the vibrations through the entire unit, making it easier to hold during use. Instead the vibrations are very focused on the ears and the insertable tip of the shaft. When using toys such as the WeVibe Tango, the small size and the powerful vibrations make it uncomfortable to hold for any prolonged period of time, much like the tingling feeling of using power tools or mowing your grass for too long.

At $200 the price is fairly steep, but with that you get a quality product that delivers what it sets out to do. Certainly there more budget friendly options out there when it comes to vibrators, but if that is not an issue you will not be disappointed with the Jimmy Jane Form 8. If you are interested in purchasing the Form 8 or any other toys take a look at HelloVibes. They are currently running a Valentines day sale. 20% OFF YOUR ORDER. Use code “VDAY20”. Min. $100 Purchase or 15% OFF YOUR ORDER. Use code “VDAY15”. Min. $50 Purchase. This includes the Form 8 and many other wonderful toys such as the WeVibe Tango, Magic Wand, and even the Womanizer.


The Form 8 was provided by HelloVibes.com in exchange for a fair and honest review.





  1. That’s definitely pricey but it sounds awesomely adjustable and it looks so sleek and sexy.

  2. so this toy is an interesting shape…like a rabbit…but no where to hold and thrust…so kind of like a wevibe in that it just sits inside you and holds you and vibrates on ur good spots…but you can’t use it with a partner in you like the wevibe. It is a interesting concept. and its pretty but i don’t think it would be a good toy for me!

  3. Thanks for this review. Glad you said it openly and frankly: it’s not better that a dildo and the magic wand. People need to know before spending that amount of money on a rabbit. Keep up the good work!

    1. Not many things are! Rabbit vibrators tend to be so hit and miss with people, yet they carry a level of fame that draws a lot of people to them who do not know better.

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