Picobong Moka: Review

To continue the journey through the toys filling our drawers, we land on the Picobong Moka – the first toy we ever bought before the beginnings of our long distance relationship. New to the world of sex toys, there was so much to choose from and the price of the Picobong Moka seemed to fit the bill. It was classy, colorful, and the beginning to what has become a wonderful adventure in toys.

About Picobong


Picobong is the affordable sister company of Lelo, offering up colorful body safe toys in many shapes and sizes. They are company preaching the joy and fun of sex toys, in a healthy life style. Their product line is diverse and all 100% nonporous and body safe. To keep affordable compared to the more upscale toys by Lelo most of their toys use standard AAA batteries rather than rechargeable, yet still maintain quality in both production and materials. They stand behind the products they make with a 1 year warranty on purchases.

The Details

The Moka is waterproof (up to 1meter) g-spot vibrator covered in bright and colorful silicone in colors such as blue, purple, or cerise. Measuring in at around 7.75” in length and 1.25” in diameter though the shaft, with a flat tip topping it off. The tip is oblong, nearly oval shape and is .5” larger in diameter making it well suited for g-spot or clitoral stimulation.  Offering twelve varying vibrations patterns that are controlled through three buttons near the base, two controlling intensity and one labeled “M” to cycle through the various modes.


Various vibration patterns of the Moka


This was the first toy we ever bought together. Before this, Harper’s only experience with vibrations came from the vibrating handle of her razor. anyone else?. Our relation started at college and at one point we faced the burden of a long distance relation. Wanting to get a fun sex toy for her I stumbled upon the Picobong Moka, due to its budget price, silicone makeup, and g-spot focused shaped as she is a squirter.

When it arrived it seemed so perfect, the silicone feels lovely and smooth, the vibrations are nice, and overall it looks classy and unintimidating. We have since graduated on to other vibrators such as the Magic Wand, but that is not to say there isn’t a place in the collection for the Moka.

The Moka is very discrete in use, sounding no louder than a phone vibrating. Compared to the noise levels of some wand toys available this would be perfect fit for those in dorms, living with roommates, or at home with family. The added ability of being waterproof makes it perfect for bath or shower time fun. Harper prefers using it for clitoral stimulation due to the overall firmness of the toy. When using it for penetrative play while giving her oral it can sometimes be a little to firm and I end up causing more bad than good.

After using the wand for some time it can be hard to go back to the Moka, it just seems a little too under-powered as our taste in toys have evolved over time. But for those looking for a perfect starter toy that is not only functional but also pretty, it would be hard pressed to find one that outclasses the Picobong Moka.





The Moka is constructed from Abs plastic, with the shaft coated in 100% silicone. Being made of plastic the Moka is rigid, with no give at all. The silicone used features a matte finish, and feels velvety soft both when touched and in use. The build construction is excellent, and the inclusion of all body safe materials this toy gets the green light in the materials department.


The Moka can be found at Edenfantasys Here

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  1. so she would rather the clitoral vibration of the magic over gspot penetration with the moka?? I read this can make ppl squit but I have not been that fortunitate yet…only my bf with fingers and tounge can make it happen. Guess i need to just get stoned and really dedicate myself to the cause!

  2. Sounds like the feel of it (firmness + smooth, velvety texture) is the same as my trusty Joy Stick vibrator that I love, which, coincidentally, was my very first. The Moka measures a bit larger and has more options for speeds and patterns, so I think I’d really like this one. The connection to Lelo is a selling point as well, since that’s such a fantastic brand!

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