Hot OctoPuss Pulse III: Review


The Details

The Pulse III duo arrived, and includes a magnetic charging cable, a remote, and a nice drawstring bag. The magnetic cable displays its status with a led indicator. Red means the Pulse III is charging, green means it is fully charged. The Pulse III is also completely waterproof, a welcome addition to any toy.

The toy is controlled with three buttons. On the left, is the main button it turns the Pulse III Duo on, as well as cycles through the various vibration patterns. On the right are simple up and down controls, these control the intensity of the vibrations. New to the Pulse III is the turbo function, simply holding down the + button will skip the intermediary steps and go straight to the highest setting.

The Pulse III Duo has multiple motors and is designed to work solo as well as with your partner. The first motor is located on the inside of the toy; it is more of a vibrating plate the stimulates the frenulum of the penis. On the opposite side, there is another motor, when in use your partner can straddle their vulva over the Pulse III duo, where it delivers a second set of vibrations for them. These outer vibrations are controlled via the included remote.


Out of all our current masturbator type toys the Pulse III Duo has instantly become my favorite. The sensations delivered by the “oscillating PulsePlate™” are far different than others I have felt in the past. Since Harper is the biggest fan of the Magic Wand, I have used it for penile stimulation to little success, but that is not the case with the Pulse III. The vibrations just work, starting at the lowest speed and working my way up gradually, simply draws an orgasm out of me.

The orgasms themselves from the Pulse III duo just feel different. They are more drawn out, as each orgasmic pulse occurs the waves of vibrations seem to force another, making for a longer, more satisfying orgasm. All of this without having to move much. I have always been envious of female use of vibrators the ability to just hold something, and delivering orgasm without much movement or work. Now that I have experience It, it is a game changer.

Although I still enjoy the Fleshlight style masturbators they are a lot more work than the Pulse III. You still must masturbate in the traditional style, and the upkeep and cleaning is more laborious. The waterproof capabilities and smooth silicone body of the Pulse III making cleaning simple as a breeze.


We have not used the toy together very often, although Harper does find it fun and interesting it does not deliver orgasmic results for her; but has become a fun addition to our foreplay.

Overall, we absolutely adore the Pulse III duo. Although it is not as useful for Harper, its ability to make me orgasm makes it one of the best penis targeted mastubators we own.


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