Sheets of San Francisco Fun Sheet Plus: Review


The Details

From the moment we opened the postal box the impression of luxury showed immediately. The packaging, feel, and overall presentation of the product is beyond any product we have yet to review so far. We were lucky enough to be given the chance to review the Funsheet Plus Fitted Sheet in the California King size. We had just gotten a new mattress and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

The sheet fit the bed perfectly. Removing our comforter and pillows we created a 72”x84” play space, without fear of fluids, staining, and wet spots. The sheet has a smooth rubber feel on top whereas the bottom feels of a basic linen.

One thing we did notice from our first use is how much it shows moisture. Laying on the sheet for a short amount of time will highlight the amount of sweat you are producing, but despite the display of moisture none makes it through the sheet.

Harper is a squirter and sometimes it can look like a bucket of water got knocked over on the bed, and no one wants to sleep on the dreaded wet spot. Since using the Fun Sheet this has no longer been an issue, before we play we simply pull the comforter out of the way and go at it. Our sheet has been covered in all kinds of lubricants, sweat, and secretions and nothing has made its way to our mattress.

What sets the Sheets of San Francisco apart from a normal mattress protector this can be placed over the top of your current sheets, protecting those as well. And unlike a normal crinkly plastic mattress protector it does not sound like you are laying atop a tarp, instead it creates a smooth and wonderful tactile feel that we now associated with our sexy times.

We have owned the Fun Sheet Plus now for months and the sheet has gone through many sessions and multiple machine washes and it still looks just as nice as the day was received it. If you wish to check out the Fun Sheet Plus our any of Sheets of San Francisco’s other offerings feel free to check them out here.

Cleaning Instructions

For lighter sessions, we find ourselves just wiping the sheet down with a wet rag and letting it air dry atop the mattress. After our more serious sessions we simply toss the sheet in the washing machine on cold and let it air dry, it really is that simple.

Sheets of San Francisco recommends the following washing procedures.








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