Blush Novelties D4 Sexy in Pink: Review


Starting with the look of the toy, the Avant D4 is a jaw dropper. Crisp contrasting lines alternate down the shaft between a dark black, and vivid pinks. These stripes scream classy and make the toy stand out among are single colored toys.

Beginning at the tip of the shaft is a bulbous head that is perfect for gently targeting the G-spot/Prostate, the softer silicone taking the edge off. The head is oval shaped so not quite a uniform circle, with a diameter around 1.7” on the short end and 1.9” on the longer side, and takes up the first 2” of length down the shaft.

Beyond the head raises to large humps that echo down the shaft bring the diameter from 1.4” up to 1.7” before repeating again. For those that love the stretching feeling, this toy works wonders when thrusted the full length. The build up from the high points to the low really provide wonderful texture and exasperates that stretching feeling multiple times down the shaft.

At last we reach the base. One of the best suction cups we have found on a toy, and rivals other such as our Bad Dragon, and Astral D3. We have never come across suction cup that works so well from a mass market toy such as the Blush Novelties Avant D4, and we love it. This added versatility has opened up options in use that we don’t get to use with other toys.



The Avant line carries an artisanal look that was once only available at small run shops, yet blush has been able to mimic the look and quality and a fraction of the price. The D4 sexy in pink has wonderful texture, a bulbous head for G-spot/Prostate stimulation, and in all around wonderfully sized dildo. Besides the wonderful shape and size, we find the firmness to be one of our favorites yet.

The Avant line feels similar to Tantus 02 toys, and a little firmer than their new Super Soft branded toys. This makes the toys a little easier to use when going up sizes or when dealing with the more textured toys, yet firm enough to still deliver in those categories.

The Avant D4 feels like it was made for a harness. The flared base makes it a perfect option for anal and harness play, and the wonderful ridges are absolutely divine in use. When paired with a harness the slightly softer silicone makes going a little rougher all the more feasible, and one of our favorites.

The silicone, the colors, the shape, all work so well with us. Anally and vaginally the Avant D4 excels with its wonderful texture and amazing suction cup. But most of all it manages to deliver all of this for a budget price.

We wanted to thank Shevibe for supplying the Blush Novelties Avant D4 Dildo. If you are interested in purchasing this toy or any other please check out SheVibe by using the banner below.



The 100% Ultra Premium Silicone used is nothing but quality. As with any silicone toy the options are plentiful when it comes to cleaning.  Tantus suggests:

For a quick clean, use antibacterial soap with warm to hot water, or use a toy cleaner (one without Triclosan!).

For a more extensive clean, you can boil your toy for 2 minutes, with enough water to cover. You can also spray or rinse your product in a 10% bleach solution. Do NOT boil bleach.

To clean toys with grooves, crevices, and texture, you may put your product in the dishwasher on a regular cycle on the bottom rack.

Let air dry, or clean with a lint free cloth.

For more information on materials and cleaning instructions check out the materials guide Here.


We would like to thank Shevibe for providing this toy free of charge in exchange for a review. If you are interested in purchasing this toy or others follow the banner below.





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