Uberrime Night King: Review

Uberrime is a one-man operation, fronted by Marco. Marcos toys are all hand sculpted, hand poured, and an example of what a quality hand made toy can be. Much like some of the more popular fantasy toy makers Uberrime offers a near endless amount of options from density, color, sizes, and textures. The customization options are only surpassed by the quality of craftsmanship of the toys we received, making Uberrime one of our favorite toy makers today.


Measuring in at 1.8” in diameter and a whopping 9” long the Uberrime Night King is a large toy, and for sure one of the longest in our collection. Originally inspired by the Game of Thrones character the Night King, this semi-realistic dildo is perfect for those loving both a little texture and lots of length.

This dildo is customizable in 3 different densities as well as a near infinite number of colors and patterns to fill your hearts desires. We chose a medium firmness and a tie dye effect for the color scheme. With those simple guidelines Marco worked his magic and whipped out one of the most beautiful dildos Harper and I have ever seen. It a world filled with pink, purple, and black, we are thrilled with our neon addition.


Not only is the Night King beautiful and well made, making it one of our favorite toys to look at. It is also one our favorite dildos to use. The mixture of length, girth, and texture make the Night King one of the best pegging toys in our collection. Once in a harness there is enough of the 9” length to comfortably use in positions that are impossible with other toys. This would also be useful in a solo situation, leaving enough of the toy to hold onto, akin to a handled toy.  Pair that with medium density and insane texture, you get an experience that is intense but no rough. You can feel the texture and full nine-inch length without that feeling that your insides are being battered.

The head of the dildo is where the realistic portion begins and end. Once past that you are get a second ridge that echo that of head, and then a chaotic series of ridge ripple their way down the shaft. These ridges are anything but subtle and cover the entire length of the shaft. If you are a huge fan of texture, this would be to the toy for you. But if you have an issue with larger sizes are intense texture, I would look at some of their other models.

Since receiving the toy we have used it in every way possible. Anal, vaginal, pegging, solo, together and it is excelled every step of the way. The only thing  we could have asked for differently is a suction cup base, which was not an option at the time of receiving the toy. Besides that small request the Uberrime Night King has earned a sport as one of favorite dildos of all time, and one we will continue to cherish it in our collection.

Uberrime Night King is available from Uberrime directly or from Peepshowtoys


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