Mammoth 3 Bumps: Review

When given the option to review a new toy from a large selection, I always find myself in a conundrum. Do I pick a run of the mill toy that I will use frequently? Or do I pick a toy that will push the limits? This time I chose the latter. With Mammoth in the name it is no doubt that this one will be a challenge.


Measuring 10” tall, 9.5” of which is insertable the shaft begins at a crown shaped tip and echoes through two larger bumps as you move towards the base. Combined with the clear glass it makes for a menacing yet beautiful presentation. If I were to leave this out on a shelf, I almost doubt it would look out of place among the other décor.

This toy is a challenging one due to the sheer size and the unyielding firmness of the glass. The initial bump is lacking any taper and reaches it 1.6” diameter quickly, before receding back to 1”. This grows to 1.9”, recedes, and grows again to 2.2”.

The toy is defined by these ebbs and flows of girths. The challenge of each hump rewarded by a small break in between before attempting the next mountain. As one can assume this toy is quite unwieldy due to the size and material, weighing in at a whopping 1.7 lbs!

My Feelings

I absolutely love large toys. But I do not always have the time to warm and go through other toys to get to some of our largest. My first large toy was the Tantus General and I have been dabbling ever since. When I read the size, it did not really register how large this toy especially in length, I am curious if I will ever get past the 3rd bump, and that is not due to the diameter but also the length to get there.

As I type this review, I began to have another epiphany. Typing out the sizes of each ridge and comparing them to my personal experience with the Mammoth 3 Bump Dildo, and it does not compare to any of my other toys. A 1.9” diameter is a much different experience in glass than it is in even my firmest silicone dildos, with zero give it presents a much greater challenge.
That is not say I did not have a blast playing with this toy. The fullness this dildo provides is divine, the ever changing girths keep the whole experience ever changing. Unlike smaller textured dildos where thrusting hard and fast are the key to success, the Mammoth 3 Bumps is a much more slow and sensual experiences. When slowly thrusted you really get to take in each and every bump, and they truly are a joy.

Unfortunately, the fun does not start at beginning. If I had to air my gripes with the dildo it would be the tip. The crown shaped tip is blunt and aggressive right from the beginning, making initial insertion a chore. Once in the toy settles in nicely and that flared tip delivers amazing G/P-Spot stimulation even at slow speeds. Overall a minor trade off for an effective internal shape.

Second gripe would be the length. With regular dildos I prefer longer lengths as they are easier to hold or mount in a harness. With this toy it is too heavy to ever use in a harness and the though of it blindly being thrusted has me scared. So there isn’t a major benefit on my end for the length, and in the end it is hindering from conquering the final bump.

I would like to thank for providing the Mammoth 3 Bump Dildo. Although the product was provided free of charge that in no way alters my personal opinion on the reviewed item.


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