Njoy Pfun Plug: Review


The Njoy Pfun is a stainless-steel plug targeted towards prostate stimulation. It certainly can be used by those without a prostate, and is a quality plug in all aspects. What makes it favor prostate stimulation is the small curve to the toy, almost in the shape of a slightly bent finger.

The Njoy Pfun is not a large toy, it is a modest 1.25” in dimeter and right around 3.5” insertable length and weighs in at a whopping 11 ounces. The weight is very noticeable in use, especially when moving around with the plug in. The Pfun is one of the most comfortable plugs we own and part of that is due to the shape of the base. The loop shaped base sits perfectly between your cheeks and is the perfect kind of unnoticeable. Whether you are sitting, standing, walking, thrusting the plug stays put in a manner that many plugs do not.

The Great

There is much to love about the Njoy Pfun. As a prostate stimulator it rivals that of the well-known Aneros toys. The biggest differentiating factor being the weight. The sheer weight of the Pfun is always felt. When lubricated it can take a little effort to hold the plug in, using your muscles to clench and hold the weight is a sensation that I’ve found unique to metal toys such as these.

The Njoy Pfun is not a large toy. It measures right around 3.5 inches long and 1.25 in diameter throughout. One of the most fascinating things about Njoy toys is the weight, weighing in just over 300 grams and is quite dense for its size. Once inserted, the first thing you will notice is how heavy it really is.

When lubricated the mirror finished stainless steel glides almost frictionless. If you are used to silicone toys you will awe at lack of drag with steel. At 11oz you can really feel gravity making every attempt to pull the plug out of you, requiring a little effort on your part to keep it in.  Nestled between your cheeks is an amazingly comfortable base, one of the best of any of the plugs we own. This makes it one of the most comfortable plugs to wear.

Much like Aneros style toys, the Njoy Pfun is meant to worked by clenching the plug. By doing so you will draw the bulbous tip over the prostate, increasing stimulation. In practice we have never really gotten this to work, but that does not mean they are pleasurable. I find these style anal toys to be much better and more comfortable than standard shaped plugs and tend to gravitate towards them when looking for a “stationary” toy.

The Hate

The only downside I could possibly think of is the size. At 1.25 inches in diameter I was felt wanting more. The Njoy Pfun lacked a challenge for me in the size department, with my favorite part being the weight. Njoy does offer a number of other sized plugs and toys, but the Njoy Pfun only comes in this one size and I desperately wish it would get the same treatment Njoy gave the Pure Plug, making a much larger 2.0 version to satisfy those with size preference.

Despite the size preference the Njoy Pfun Plug is an amazingly crafted prostate target anal toy that I am happy to have in my collection. The stainless steel adds an interesting twist to an awesome design. If you find yourself looking for an intermediate anal toy, I would certainly give the Pfun plug a try, you won’t regret it.

Cleaning Instructions

The 316 Stainless steel used by Njoy is nearly indestructible. It can be boiled, bleached, cleaned with soap or any other method of sterilization you prefer. Due to the mirror shine it is recommended that you avoid using abrasives.



I would like to take a moment to thank Bettys Toy Box for providing the wonderful Njoy Pfun Plug. If you are interested in the Njoy Pfun or ant other quality sex toys head on over and check out their wonderful selection.


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