If you are looking for a larger toy on a budget look no further. The NoFrillDo series is designed to be simple, budget friendly, quality and safe. With the series 2 Funkit has upped the sizes and made two models, the X and the L. Both of which are offered at $40.00 at RGN Toys.

For the most part I choose to review toys I assume I will like. These leads to Harper and I reviewing lots of dildos, harnesses, and wands. It all seemed a little routine in a way. So dare say it we figured we would venture and try something new. Something different. Details The Gladiator Remote […]

Rebounding from the horror that was the Gladiator Cock Ring, we have ourselves a product we actually enjoy. If you are an avid reader of our blog, you would know we love to review harnesses and pegging accessories. As much as we love our Spareparts Joque, we also love the simplicity of the panty/brief style harnesses, enter the Rodeoh Black Panty Harness.

If you have not seen our first review on Uberrime toys, you must check it out. Prevously we reviewed the Night King and now we are more than thrilled to show off our Helios Sun God Dildo. A fiery spiral of girth that is sure to thrill those that love some size on their toys.

There is something so endearing about fantasy toys, letting someone imagination go wild and create something that is fun, unique, effective, all while being a pleasure to look at. I have never been a fan of realistic dildos, much preferring the abstract and whimsical. Nothing is quite as whimsical as the Unicorn Horn from Split Peaches.

When given the option to review a new toy from a large selection, I always find myself in a conundrum. Do I pick a run of the mill toy that I will use frequently? Or do I pick a toy that will push the limits? This time I chose the latter. With Mammoth in the name it is no doubt that this one will be a challenge.

If there is one thing we love here at the Toyfulreview it is sex toys of course. But what can make these toys even better is the passionate people behind them. Whether that be bloggers, reviews, the business owners, or the toymakers themselves. Harper and I were beyond thrilled when we were given the opportunity to review a new dildo from a clearly gifted artist.

Very few toys scream quality like those from Njoy, and the Pfun is no different. There is something so enamoring about the mirror finish and weight of stainless steel. Anyone who has picked up a Njoy toy immediately comments on the weight, they are hefty, solid, and nearly indestructible.