Liberator Wedge and Ramp Combo

The Details

The Wedge and Ramp from Liberator are high density foam shapes meant to aid in sexual positioning. The Wedge and Ramp combo includes two of Liberators most versatile and popular shapes. They work amazingly well individually, but really shine when used in tandem. The larger ramp (24″L, 30″W, and 12″ tall) forms a perfect base to angle your partners body for optimal support. Unlike using regular pillows to aid in positioning, the high-density foam used by Liberator has nearly zero give. Using seperately or by moving the smaller wedge (24″L, 14″W, 7″ tall) to various positions on the wedge, you can really dial in the optimal position that works for you. Having the two separate shapes opens up an endless amount of possibilities to try out, and we have had a great amount of trying the various positions.

Both the Wedge and the Ramp are covered in a moisture resistant liner, and over that comes a removable Microfiber cover in the color of your choice. The Microfiber cover provides a soft texture on your skin, and also prevents the Wedge and Ramp from slipping off each other. Once the Wedge and Ramp come in contact the microfiber clings to each other almost like a weak Velcro.



The Liberator Wedge and Ramp combo has been our wish list for longer than we have been blogging. Having the opportunity to finally review has been amazing. The Wedge and Ramp combo has lived surpassed all of our hopes and expectations. The large price tag has always been the main factor holding us back from purchasing the Wedge and Ramp. Various articles and posts around the web have offered budget “alternatives” and through experience we have to say the liberator shapes are far beyond what any of the other positioning pillows have to offer.

From the moment we opened the box, the product just screams quality. Shipped in a compressed form the Wedge and Ramp slowly take shape when removed from the packaging. Moments later they have expanded well beyond the size of the packaging, to their final shape.

Since receiving the Wedge and Ramp combo we have used them nearly every time we have had sex. The amount of variants in positions and support they provide simply make every position, both easier and more effective. Getting the perfect angle has never been easier and it truly has brought more fun into the bedroom. Harper can be quite sensitive to certain angles and the ability to adjust the angle of penetration with comfort and ease has been a godsend. Originally, I assumed the cumbersome size of the Wedge and Ramp would eventually be to much of a hindrance to pull out and use, but that has not been the case at all. The benefits they provide during sex far outweigh the hassles of storing and retrieving.

Cleaning Instructions

Liberators suggest the following cleaning instructions:

“For all of our Liberator shapes and beanbags we recommend a machine wash in cold water for covers, and a low heat tumble dry or line dry to enjoy the cover’s softness.  Both methods will restore the nap to its original softness.  The liner is designed to repel fluids. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. Please do not bleach or iron your items cover or liner.  Your Liberator is covered in fabric that’s sensitive to pressure.  During shipping the cover may be scuffed or appear wrinkled.” -Liberator


We would like to thank for sponsoring this review.  The product was provided in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Currently the Liberator Wedge and Ramp Combo can be purchased with a 10% savings Here.


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