Liberator Decor Whirl: Review

The Details

The Liberator Decor Whirl is a high density foam bolster pillow to aid in sexual position. Much like the Wedge and Ramp that we have reviewed previously, the Whirl features the same dense foam construction, wrapped in moisture resistant liner and covered in luscious microfiber. The Decor Whirl is quite durable, withstanding our body weight with no issues. Measuring at 24” long, 9” wide and 9” high, it is much smaller and a little more inconspicuous than the Wedge and Ramp; allowing us to simply leave it on the bed when not in use.

The Liberator Whirl comes in 6 colors allowing you to choose what fits best with your current bedroom decor.


We have really come to love the Liberator Whirl. Giving the support to angle the hips perfectly during intercourse truly is a game changer. The dense foam holds up to the weight of myself and my partner with no issues and far superior to a stack of pillows. But unlike much of the literature that comes with the Whirl we in no way achieved the “rolling” aspect, that the Whirl claims to achieve. Regardless of the fashion that we used the Liberator Whirl it simply existed as a stationary position aid, and a very good one. Despite us not experiencing the rolling motion, the Whirl provided outstanding support, at the perfect height. The simple concept of support under your knees or hips can create a world of difference. The compact and light nature of the Whirl allows it to be positioned and tossed around the bed effortlessly, making the ease of use far exceed that of our previous experience with the Ramp.

Owning the Ramp and Wedge and experiencing how well they work in tandem with each other, we were optimistic that Whirl would seamlessly integrate into our existing system. We found the Liberator Whirl really shines when used alone, sacrificing the endless possibilities of the Wedge/Ramp for doing a smaller number of things simply and effectively. The Whirl works fantastically in both missionary and doggy, offering just enough lift and support to achieve those perfect angles.

The Whirl does a lot of things amazingly well, but it costs as the much more versatile Wedge. If we had to dwindle the collection down to just one shape, whether it be due to budgetary or storage reasons we would keep the Wedge. But if you are looking to expand your arsenal the Decor Whirl would be a lovely addition. Owning the Wedge, Ramp, and Whirl really creates a perfect arsenal of shapes to achieve nearly any position we can imagine, and we are grateful to own all three.


Cleaning Instructions

Liberators suggest the following cleaning instructions:

“For all of our Liberator shapes and beanbags we recommend a machine wash in cold water for covers, and a low heat tumble dry or line dry to enjoy the cover’s softness.  Both methods will restore the nap to its original softness.  The liner is designed to repel fluids. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. Please do not bleach or iron your items cover or liner.  Your Liberator is covered in fabric that’s sensitive to pressure.  During shipping the cover may be scuffed or appear wrinkled.” -Liberator


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